Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews has been a technology evangelist and proponent of the integration of GIS and enterprise technology for over ten years, frequently working in the municipal government, AEC, and utilities industries. As the Product Manager for 3D at Esri, Chris is focused on gathering customer requirements and delivering solutions that will help customers create, analyze, visualize, and share their projects and data in the context of the real world. Chris’ work has taken him from requirements gathering at the Kennedy Space Center to architecting and building geospatial SaaS applications at startup companies in San Francisco. Chris actively publishes on geospatial software issues, 3D technology, and the implication of emerging software architectures on GIS workflows.

Recent Posts

Graphic Complexity Index: A descriptor for 3D models in GIS

Models that represent the same real-world object may have vastly different characteristics.

In the last several years, Esri has put significant development into helping users consume, create, explore, analyze, and share 3D GIS data.  Users can automagically grow 3D data from 2D using procedural rules.  Users can sketch their own 3D shapes.  … Continue reading

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3D at Esri: 2016 in Review

1.1 billion points streamed into a WebGL scene

In 2015, the team at Esri started to roll out 3D capability across the ArcGIS platform. That effort laid the groundwork for an incredible 2016 in which we’re seeing 3D used in all flavors of Esri customer environments and domains.  … Continue reading

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Scene Layers and the I3S specification at work across the ArcGIS Platform

I3S scene layer used for vegetation

New capabilities for cross-platform 3D data distribution and visualization Authors: Chris Andrews, Pascal Müller, Johannes Schmid, Tamrat Belayneh, Dragan Petrovic, Sud Menon   One of the most exciting developments at the 2016 Esri User Conference was watching the sudden awareness … Continue reading

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An ArcGIS Earth overview at version 1.2

ArcGIS Earth

Now that the 2016 UC is over and we’ve got a little more breathing room, we wanted to respond to some of the feedback that we got asking for more overview information on ArcGIS Earth. If you haven’t downloaded ArcGIS … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Earth 1.2 adds capability to view huge meshes, import terrain, and export KML

Vricon Yosemite Data in ArcGIS Earth

We are excited to announce that ArcGIS Earth 1.2 is now available for download. ArcGIS Earth 1.2 adds new capabilities including: View integrated mesh data Use more local data and work offline Additional configuration ability Export simple KMZ View Integrated … Continue reading

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(Updated) 3D Content in ArcGIS Earth (part deux)

This post was originally published as a blog around the ArcGIS Earth 1.0 Beta release.  All of the services that were published then, continue to work for ArcGIS Earth 1.1 and beyond.  If you haven’t downloaded Earth yet, you can get ArcGIS Earth here.
Update 4/25/2016: Added New York City and Washington DC open data untextured buildings.  NYC has over 1,000,000 buildings!

Last year I published a brief article and video on adding content into ArcGIS Earth. It turns out that I forgot one of the most important items… the list of services that we publish through ArcGIS Online that you can use!

San Francisco KML and Pictometry data in Earth

Mixing a little San Francisco KML and Pictometry scene layer data in Earth

Here are some example services that will work in ArcGIS Earth. You can drag-and-drop, add by URL, or even find them in the Online search (though we have a couple of issues we’re fixing to make that easier). Continue reading

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View KML Timesliders and more OGC data in ArcGIS Earth 1.1

ArcGIS Earth 1.1 animation using NOAA Ocean Current KML

Our intent with the initial ArcGIS Earth 1.0 release was to demonstrate and validate that we could produce a lightweight, easy-to-use experience that would be usable by non-GIS stakeholders in large organizations.  So far, the feedback is that the experience … Continue reading

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Increasing interest in the fusion of GIS and BIM

Authors: Don Kuehne, Chris Andrews

The Esri platform provides the means to make better decisions throughout infrastructure and building asset life cycles within the context of the built and natural environments in which we live.  Our users are increasingly asking us about the ability to merge GIS data with design and construction data, often simply called BIM data, as global rates of urbanization, infrastructure renovation, and habitat management increase. Continue reading

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Point Based Service access with ArcGIS Earth

What3Words in Rome

In honor of the Esri Developers Summit going on right now in Palm Springs, California, I thought that I’d provide a quick look at a hidden capability in ArcGIS Earth 1.0 that allows a developer to enable end users to … Continue reading

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Getting to know ArcGIS Earth 1.0

ArcGIS Earth home page

Two weeks ago, we launched ArcGIS Earth and have had a fantastic reaction from the community.  If you haven’t tried it yet, download Earth for free here. With thousands of downloads and many, many positive and constructive comments, it’s been … Continue reading

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