Turning a Story Map Series into a Story Map Countdown

Story Map Series is one of the more popular Story Maps, enabling you to present a series of maps via tabs, numbered bullets, or an expandable side accordion. In addition to maps, you can include images, video,and web content in your series to tell your story and engage your audience. Whether you present your story as a series of tabs, numbered bullets, or a numbered side accordion, is a simple choice of layout options.


The bulleted and side accordion layout options include numbers which are ordered starting with 1, and sequentially displayed until the last entry. Below is an example of a Story Map Series using the side accordion layout (Nation of Drones):

Below is an example of a Story Map Series using the bulleted layout (Great Wetlands of the World):

Changing the number order

You can change the order of your entries to reverse the order. For example, instead of going from 1 to 10 (or whatever your last entry is), you can change it to reverse the order, counting down from 10 to 1. This is useful when instead of a forward progressing series, you are looking for a “countdown” from the last entry to the first.

To reverse the order, in builder mode click Settings:

Then check the box to Reverse numbering:

Apply and Save your changes when finished.

Instead of ordering 1 through 10, your Story Map Series will countdown from the last entry to the first. Note that reverse numbering only applies to the bulleted and side accordion layout options.

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