Landsat Image Services Update – Pre-release

Expected release date:  Early February 2018

Our upcoming release of Landsat Image Services will include some noteworthy updates…


  • Revised scaling.  The Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance values (which range from 0 – 1 by default) will now be scaled using a range of 0 – 10,000.   These values were previously scaled to 5,000 – 55,000. Some important user considerations…
    • This change will primarily affect analytics, with little to no impact on visualization.
    • The scale range will now be equivalent to other TOA reflectance products, including those provided by the USGS.
    • This change simplifies the computation of indices such as NDVI.
  • Daily updates. The service will now be updated daily. Minimizing the time between data capture and data availability is important for users who rely on the most recent data.
  • New QA band. The service will now include a QA band as band 9. This layer is provided with the Collection 1 data for assessing general quality conditions within an image.  For more information, please reference  Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 Quality Assessment.
  • New field. Our Landsat Image Services will continue to provide both Pre-Collection and Collection 1 data.  A new field called Landsat_product_id has been added to distinguish between the two. For more on these collections, see Landsat Collections.
  • WCS and WMS compatibility. The Landsat Image Services will now include the ability to be consumed as WCS or WMS services.

Affected Apps and Services
Due to the change in output range of pixel values, the image services update will affect users who use the services for processing and analytics. The following apps, services, and tools will be affected.




 We expect to release the Landsat Services update in early February and will update this post as more details come available.  Questions/comments?  Please use the comments section below…

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