Using Story Map autoplay mode

Story Maps normally require user interaction; the viewer must click or scroll to advance to the next section, entry, or tour point. But many Story Maps support autoplay mode, where the story advances automatically, and loops when finished.

Autoplay mode is ideal when you want to use a story map in a public kiosk, such as in a visitor center or museum exhibit. It’s also useful if you are displaying live data and want to cycle through maps to show the latest information, such as in a command center or emergency operations center.

The following Story Maps support autoplay:

Using autoplay

To autoplay any of the Story Map apps listed above, simply add &autoplay to the Story Map URL. For example, this URL opens the story map without autoplay:

This URL opens the story map in autoplay mode:

If the Story Map includes a Share link, you can also enable autoplay by clicking the share link

and checking the box.

Checking the box will add &autoplay to both the short link and the embed HTML.

Autoplay control

When autoplay is enabled the autoplay control appears on the Story Map. Click to pause or play, or grab the slider to adjust the time interval.

When paused, you can interact with the Story Map normally, then click play to resume.

See Autoplay in the Story Maps FAQ for more information.

This post was originally published on March 1, 2016, and has been updated.

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  1. chismith says:

    Dear ESRI,
    This is just ground breaking for us here at Cal OES! Response Ops has requested this autoplay feature for the SOC, and GIS also wanted this for kiosk displays. Now, not only we can use it and set the timer on auto advance, but other users at our Regions and EOCs with the URL can do the same thing. We truly appreciate that your team values your users’ feedback and requests which continuously improve the user’s experience and business needs.
    Yours truly,

  2. jayme.laber_noaa says:

    This is an extremely useful feature! At the National Weather Service we will be able to make use of the autoplay feature for our operational weather situational awareness story map. We can set it to loop through the tabbed displays that we incorporated.

  3. southomahaczech says:

    I work for a state EOC and deployed a Storymap using the supplied template in the introduction to Storymaps. Pardon me for not supplying the URL at the moment. All went well other than not having the ability to use Autoplay from the Link command on the header. If I use &autoplay after the URL, will this activate that Storymap to enable Autoplay, or do I need an Autoplay supported template. Thanks!

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      If you edit the link in the story map settings to include autoplay mode, the autoplay is ignored and removed from the link. However in the sharing dialog, the viewer/user of the story map has the option to add autoplay to the link they are about to share. So this is up to the user/viewer when they click the share link.

      This was implemented this way to enable the viewer of the story to choose to share a link with autoplay or not. I am thinking this makes sense. If you feel this should behave differently, I welcome you to comment further, or you can send an email directly to

      You can of course add &autoplay to auto play the story from a website link, email link, etc.

  4. Stacy says:

    I’m using autoplay on a Story Map Tour and I’ve recently added a video as one of the points. Is there a way to set the interval time for each slide from my end? I would love a feature where I can set up a specific time for each slide to accomodate videos longer than 10 seconds without leaving it up to the user to adjust.

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      There’s no way for the author to make that setting yet, it’s up to the user to decide the time interval. But that’s a good enhancement request and I’ll make sure it gets logged.

      • lynchburggis says:

        That would be a great enhancement? In addition, it would be great if the content of the side panel scrolled if a section’s content is too large to fit entirely on the screen for the journal map template.

  5. ljackson16 says:

    Awesome feature, thank you. It would be great if there were smoother transitions between slides, similar to a fade

  6. aaronfrancis says:

    Great option for displaying your Story Map. Would it be possible to add in predefined zoom and pan options for interactive maps while in autoplay? This would be great so that you can fully display certain aspects of a map without having to pause the autoplay mode and pan/zoom yourself.

  7. khope@nps.gov_nps says:

    I have seen other story maps that contain an autoplay slider along the bottom of the story map. How would I create one of those in my map? Also, I would like the location dots to show up on the map as the story map plays but right now, they are all on the map at the beginning. Any help would be greatly appreciated