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What’s New with ArcGIS Solutions (December 2017)


During the December 2017 ArcGIS Solutions Release 30 new Solution Products were added to ArcGIS, 27 Solution Products were updated and 12 Solution Products changed lifecycle phase. ArcGIS Solutions are industry-specific app and capability configurations and are available to ArcGIS … Continue reading

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Workforce for ArcGIS 17.0.1 Released!


We are happy to announce that we have released Workforce for ArcGIS v17.0.1 on the iOS and Android platforms. This completes the second half of a phased release for Workforce. This update brings several key features as well as a … Continue reading

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Identify Hurricane Shelters in Houston


Hurricane Harvey overwhelmed authorities trying to find shelter for the 300,000 victims seeking dry ground during that storm’s record rainfall in August and September 2017. A new Learn ArcGIS lesson, Find Potential Hurricane Shelters, could help authorities avoid the human … Continue reading

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Create Custom Basemaps for a Minneapolis Suburb


Cambridge, Minnesota, is a bedroom community outside Minneapolis that comes up on any map — but as a city official, you want to create attractive basemaps customed to city projects and presentations. In Design and Publish Basemaps, a new lesson … Continue reading

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Predict Pollution in Chesapeake Bay


Scientists can’t sample every cubic meter of water by themselves, so they have to make predictions about the water they don’t touch. That prediction process, known as “interpolation,” involves taking data samples at two specific locations and and predicting the … Continue reading

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Boundary Dropshadow Mega-Hack


I find that vector items floating above a complex basemap can sometimes be hard to see. An imagery basemap will have light patches and dark patches. So what’s a vector to do? Let’s see… Here is a layer of US … Continue reading

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Improved TypeScript development with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

The TypeScript declaration file for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript contains type information specific for the API. You can learn more about how to install this file from the TypeScript set up guide page or on GitHub.
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Making Better Promises

This blog post will discuss a change to our implementation of promises, a change towards making a better promise. Numerous classes in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript resolve to promises. This is the case for WebMapWebSceneMapViewSceneViewBasemapGroundLayers, and LayerViews.

Typically, you would use the then() method to be advised when one of these objects is ready to be used. In fact, many samples in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript SDK use then() on a MapView or on a SceneView to wait for the view to be ready before executing the rest of the application code.
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ArcGIS API for JavaScript versions 4.6 and 3.23 released


Just in time for the new year, Versions 4.6 and 3.23 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript have arrived, bringing new capabilities such as a directions widget, 3D measurement widget, and layer refresh. Here are some of the release highlights you’ll … Continue reading

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What’s New with Soil Data in the Living Atlas?


All SSURGO-based Living Atlas items upgraded to the 2017 SSURGO snapshot New map image and 21 image layers with improved performance New tile layer for use with the map image layer in web maps at small scales New downloader application … Continue reading

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