Coming Soon! Updates to Esri Vector Basemaps

The Esri Vector Basemaps are scheduled to be updated next week. See What’s New in Esri Vector Basemaps (December 2017) for information related to this update.Specific improvements to the vector basemaps in this release and how to take advantage of the changes will be posted in detail with the announcement of the update. Using Esri Vector Basemaps provides many benefits to your maps and apps. Some of the vector map benefits:

  • More frequent data updates, and the updates are reflected in all the Esri basemap styles at the same time.
  • Global coverage to largest scales. We’ve incorporated commercial, community, and open data sources to scales down to ~1:71.
  • Community contributed data is available in all styles. With our next update, this will also include contributed authoritative roads and administrative boundaries.
  • More styles are available that don’t require customization such as Human Geography, Colored Pencil, Newspaper, Mid-Century, and Nova.
  • Map styles can be customized by users. From simple color changes, font changes, turning layers on or off, to changing languages and customizing boundary presentations.
  • Vector basemaps offer better display on high-res devices.
  • Available for organizations to display as part of the default Esri Vector Basemap gallery or to include custom basemap galleries.

Bookmark this link for the soon-to-be released information on our next update
What’s New for Esri Vector Basemaps (December 2017)!

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  1. geospatialessence says:

    Hello, I am a new user of ArcGIS and I am working on a web application that will help people locate facilities close to them. I have already gathered some data and added them to the map but I found out some street are without names. Is it possible to add the street names that are missing myself since I have the data with me or is there another way to add the missing names. I would not want to create an application with incomplete data. How do I add the missing street names?

    • Andrew Green says:

      Thank you for your comment. I’ve reached out via email with some specific questions and suggestions for accomplishing your request. There are a number of ways to add content in a layer above the basemap, whether streets or other features. Using ArcMap, Pro, or even working within These are all possibilities that will allow you to achieve your stated goal.