How to submit your story map to the Story Maps Gallery

The Story Maps Gallery is a curated showcase of some of the best story maps created by Esri and the user community. It features examples of good storytelling, creativity, and innovation from other story map authors. It’s a great place to see what others have created using various story maps, and get ideas and inspiration for yours. If you’d like to get your story map into the Gallery, here’s two ways you can submit it for consideration.

Submit your story map via the Gallery

Step 1. Visit theĀ Story Maps Gallery.

Step 2. Scroll down the page, and look in the left margin for the Submit Your App button.

Step 3. Complete the submission form, and click Submit.

Note the list of requirements and suggestions mentioned on the form.

Submit your story map from My Stories

Step 1. From the Story Maps website, click My Stories.

If you’ve not done so already, sign in using your ArcGIS account. A list of your story maps will be displayed.

Step 2. Click the title of your story map to expand it. The story map will be checked for any errors.

Step 3. Click Gallery.

Step 4. Complete the checklist, you will likely need to choose a subject.

The subject is used to place your story map in the appropriate subject category in the Gallery. Pick one that makes sense for your story.

Step 4. When the checklist has been completed, click Nominate To Gallery.


The Story Maps team keeps an eye out for interesting story maps, but there are many that go unnoticed. Submitting your story map to the Gallery is a good way to bring it to our attention, and if added to the gallery, to highlight it in front of the storytelling community. But you should also promote your story to your audience in other ways.

If a submitted story map is not chosen for the Gallery, it doesn’t mean we don’t like it. Only a small number of stories are chosen each week, especially ones that use fresh design approaches that other authors could emulate.

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