Get started with temporal data in ArcGIS – a case study of zebra mussel sightings

By Aileen Buckley, PhD, Esri Research Cartographer

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Are you trying to get up to speed with temporal data in ArcGIS? In this set of lessons, you’ll learn how to manage, analyze, and map temporal data in ArcGIS for Desktop. You’ll use techniques such as time-enabled mapping, spatial analysis using a Model Builder model with an iterator, and spatial analysis using geoprocessing tools with a Case field. To learn these techniques, you’ll perform a case study about Dreissena polymorpha, commonly known as the zebra mussel. In just over two hours, you’ll be ready to analyze and map your own temporal data.

Here is a list of the lessons:

List of lessons

Figure 1. Lessons to learn about getting started with temporal data in ArcGIS.

Here are the links to:

  • The documentation, with step-by step instructions for working with the sample data.
  • The sample data, which includes a map document, file geodatabase, toolbox, and style.

The sample data also includes a backup folder with the results of the completed lessons so you can check your work or recover the correct results.

Get started now! As they say—time is of the essence!

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  1. guus.klaas_stedin says:

    Hiya. the sample data doesn’t seem to download, I’m getting connection refused errors. A shame, because it’s really something i’m interested in sharing with my colleagues.

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    Unable to download the data

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    Still unable to download the data.