What’s Coming for ArcGIS Pro 2.1

ArcGIS Pro 2.1, the next release of Esri’s flagship 64-bit desktop GIS application, is almost here. ArcGIS Pro 2.1 continues Esri’s mission to provide new and user-requested functionality, the latest innovations for working with 2D and 3D spatial data, tools for performing advanced analytics, and enhanced support across the ArcGIS platform.

Here are just a few of the new features you can look forward to in ArcGIS 2.1:

Enhance Your Work in 3D

ArcGIS Pro 2.1 brings you many new features to enhance how you work with and analyze 3D data.

  • Using the new 3D editing grid, you can precisely edit, snap, and work with your data.
  • There are now three modes of interactive 3D exploratory analysis for quick visibility analysis using Line of Sight, Viewshed, and View Dome tools.
  • The new stereoscopic mode and isometric views give you new ways of looking at your 3D data.

Generate Table Statistics for Your Attributes

When exploring an attribute table, you can get Statistics describing the values in numeric attribute fields. Statistics include the sum, mean, median, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation of those values. A histogram is also created showing the distribution of the field’s values.

Do More with New Extensions

With the ArcGIS Pro 2.1 release, comes some new extensions designed to enhance your workflows and analysis.

  • Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro helps you gather a variety of marketing analytics, including customer and competitor analysis, and site evaluation to give your business the geographic intelligence edge.
  • ArcGIS Image Analyst lets you do more to visualize and analyze imagery in ArcGIS Pro, including stereo mapping, advanced image segmentation and classification, image space analysis, and building custom image processing algorithms.

If you are in the ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Beta, this is your last chance to provide feedback before the release. You can provide feedback by contacting Esri Technical Support or on the Early Adopter Community user forums. You must be a part of the ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Beta to access the forums.

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  1. epena6 says:

    What is the time frame for ArcGIS Pro 2.1 release?

  2. johnmdye says:

    Why is Business Analyst Pro just a single-line “honorable mention” at the end of this post? How about a full-blown blog post on Business Analyst Pro?

  3. tmmaccel says:

    Nice features but no use to them.

    Unfortunately, Esri focus on Web and 3D and forget about map maker.

    Do the 2.1 will finally port the Cartographic tools (Tiled Labels To Annotation ; Calculate UTM Zone ; Calculate Ajacent Fields, etc )? Also, since you can have proprietary font markers, to share in PDF, Arcmap alloy, when exporting, Convert marker symbols to polygons who lack the Pro version, do you forget it or it’s for a future release? Without this last item, we can’t even do the work in arcmap and import in pro.

    • We definitely have not forgotten about the map maker. While this blog post is just a few new things in Pro 2.1, there are many more that we’ve introduced specifically for the map maker including: porting over the remaining GP tools for contextual generalization, support for more grid and graticule formatting including support for MGRS grids, dynamic tables in page layout that can be customized, support for the dot density renderer, color overrides, additional annotation construction tools, and much more. Unfortunately, the specific tools and functionality you mention here are not in the 2.1 release, but they are on the product roadmap and we intend to support them in Pro in the future.

      • tmmaccel says:

        So still have to wait for basic features. Hope 2,2 will be the one. Still very frustrating to see new feature while the basic one still in the future roadmap.

    • Alex says:

      I just can’t get rid of a feeling that ArcGIS Pro is a big fancy expensive screw-up by ESRI. It’s been around and pushed hard for like, what, four years now? And still most users are unconvinced. And still the basic functionality lacks. I wonder what the ESRI insiders privately think about it. I’m old enough to remember the transition from Arcview 3.x to ArcMap 8. It was such a great and welcome improvement! Not this time, however… Too bad…

      • tony.amodei says:

        I think they are doing well to balance so many requirements. Their product roadmap contains a ton of features that I am wanting to see fulfilled. Developing software is exciting for just that reason; they get to holistically view user requirements and work to improve user experiences.

      • tmmaccel says:

        Don’t forget also the transition from 8 to 9 to 10. You rebuilt the projets and no template, template no template. Esri think we use it just for a task.

      • wetlandguy says:

        I’m with you on that Alex. Haven’t found a use for ArcGIS Pro yet. I keep hearing about how cool it is, but every time I try to do something specific, I cannot seem to actually do what I need to do with it.

      • utebarry says:

        It’s frustrating that these new releases are not ready for prime time, yet we’re strongly encouraged to adopt them. However, the switch to 8 was anything but smooth to me and most people I know; It barely worked at first. I don’t think I could completely abandon ArcView 3.x ’til 8.2 was out. The transition to Pro reminds me of those times. I think we all know ArcGIS needs to be updated, so I don’t think Pro is just a shiny object thrown out there to see if it sticks. It’s what we’ll have to adopt, unless we go with another non ESRI option.

  4. esri_planet says:

    When is the Maritime Charting extension be avalible for ArcGIS Pro?

    • Craig Greene says:

      The first tools for maritime will be delivered with ArcGIS Pro 2.1, which is currently scheduled for release in Q1 2018. The first two tools, which will be in the new Maritime toolbox, will support the creation of a geodatabase from an S-100 feature catalogue and the ability to import S-100 datasets into the geodatabase.

      Please let us know if there are specific maritime features you are looking for in Pro.

      Thanks – Craig

  5. cyrus.blankinship@cbre.com_dimension says:

    I’ve noticed a severe slowdown with a lot of the geoprocessing tools (e.g. multiple ring buffer, join field, excel to table) and custom python scripts. Has something changed with the Python Interpreter and has this issue been reported by other issues?

    I’m working in the latest 2.1 Beta.

    • Hi Cyrus,
      We haven’t had reports of others experiencing similar issues. We’d really like to get more information on what you are seeing so we can get it addressed before the 2.1 release. Have you posted your feedback on the Beta Forum, or have you logged anything with Tech Support yet? We need to get more details on the tools you are using, your environment, and the type of data you are using. If you could reach out through the standard channels someone from the dev team can contact you to get the information they need to reproduce the issue. Your feedback is very helpful and much appreciated.

  6. edgardiazv says:

    This Version have GPS ToolsBar?

  7. jesterjace says:

    I can’t get my team onto Pro until Attribute Rules is released. Any timeframe for that?

  8. scauditorgis says:

    How far into the future can we expect to see Parcel Fabric Toolbox and functionality added to ArcPro?

    Also we are curently utilizing some aspects of the LGIM and the COTS solutions for local government. I have downloaded the ArcGIS Soultions Deployment Tool , and love the functionality. But for some of the Local Solution Mxd Packages like the Address Data Mangement mxd comes with the AddressManagement.esri.Addin (Address Editing Toolbar) and I can not add this to ArcPro.

    We are currently using both ArcPro and ArcMap but really like what ArcPro is showing us, we want to make a full switch but are hesitant too until addins and packages are able to be utilized. (along with some other topics addressed in the comments above)

  9. city_of_melbourne says:

    I hope they have fixed connecting to SQL Server Geodatabase, still not working since July 2017. It is a major bug, and has never been fixed with a patch.

    It was fixed in desktiop and server but not arcgis pro – We are still running on 1.4.1

    • Alex says:

      I want to report a related issue. It exists in both ArcMap and Pro. It’s, when connected to SQL Server feature class, the table can be sorted only when viewing it in its entirety. But when you chose only the selected features table view, you can’t sort them. Please fix.

  10. jcook_idpr says:

    Will ArcGIS Pro 2.1 be able to post to ArcGIS Server without Portal? I really can’t use Pro until it can post to ArcGIS Server.

  11. rabatin says:

    Image Analyst is an extension you have to turn on or how do you makeyour map trigger the stereo flickering if your set up has an emitter and glasses?