Collector for ArcGIS v17.0.3 (Android)

Tonight we are pleased to announce the release of Collector for ArcGIS v17.0.3 on the Android platform. Read more in our GeoNet post.

With this update, Collector now supports integration with Trimble Catalyst. With Catalyst, Collector now has high accuracy GNSS data capture on demand. This new product from Trimble features a subscription-based software GNSS receiver that is capable of streaming centimeter accuracy to Collector when you need it.

Available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store, this update marks an important milestone for Collector. We are now heading full steam into the development of the next big evolution for Collector – the Aurora Project.

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  1. jimgrimes says:

    Still having issues when attempting to use the GPS Averaging, Collector Crashes when collecting a point. Using Collector 17.0.3 and Trimble GNSS R1 with the 5.08 firmware on a Samsung Tab E with Android 7.0 OS. Anyone else having issues with GPS Averaging?

  2. says:

    Unable to download Collector in Android App store (17-10-23)… this is a huge problem for my field crew.

  3. evanyates says:

    I see Collector for Android has upgraded to 17.0.4 over the weekend. It still refuses to connect to our REST services endpoint saying the “server cannot be verified” with only an “ok” button. We’d like the “Accept” option back please so that users can make a choice about whether to carry on regardless.
    Did this latest release address any of the certificate checking issues that were reported?
    This seems to be mainly a problem on older Android devices ( Android 4.x ).

  4. Brian says:

    We are having issues with the location profile being switched to the default and our profile being removed completely from Collector. This is sketchy with 12 devices in the field!

  5. krmorris@nps.gov_nps says:

    This version and version 17.0.4 build 1030 fail to connect through Bluetooth to my Javad Triumph II. I’ve been using collector most of this year with several Triumphs and now it fails to connect.

    In the past when I opened a map in Collector it would connect to the receiver and the receivers connection light would turn from red to blue. Now the receiver (although paired Android 6 with Samsung tablet) will not connect and the GPS status box in Collector indicates that it is using the Integrated Receiver when it used to show the Paired Receivers name.

    Hardware: Samsung Tablet SM-T713; Android: 6.0.1
    GNSS: Javad Triumph II L1/L2

    • kevinmorrisgis says:

      Collector is now working again with Triumph II. Uncertain what malfunctioned. Verified that same Collector Version (17.0.4) and Build (1030). Only possible guess is that it was already paired to another device residing in the proximity (possible scenario).

  6. bnmwilliams says:

    I’m running Android Nugget 7.0 and Collector stopped working on my phone, so I uninstalled and wanted to install a clean version. The Google Play store says my phone is not compatible. Please help.


  7. asplundh says:

    We are using the android app (17.0.4) on 2 brands of phone, Samsung & Sonim.

    Samsung, regardless of model works fine but our Sonim XP7700s are now showing it as not compatible, even if the app is already installed. It still works properly on the phones that had it installed prior to the compatibility issue but I’m not able to load it on any new or factory restored Sonim phones.

  8. berdichevskiy says:

    Hello! Please help solve the following problem app Collector for arcgis for android:

    Original data:

    -Deployed the geoportal of the organization

    Portal available on the Internet (port 443)

    -domain name is established a certified Sert. center SSL certificate

    -created a map with an editable layer (point type)

    -Collector for arcgis for iOS sees the card and can record and edit objects on a layer, including attachments


    Collector for arcgis for android sees the card but when you open it writes error “cannot validate the server to which to connect”, after clicking “OK” loads the base substrate, but the editable layer is not visible and is missing the “+” button to add a new object.

    As if it could not load any editable layer nor including additional (non-editable).

  9. glennoid_sswd says:

    What is the ETA for having labels work in Collector for Android?
    Thanks! — Glenn