Share Your Thoughts: Enterprise Geodatabase Support in Insights for ArcGIS

Fellow Insights for ArcGIS users, we want to hear from you!

In the 2.1 release of Insights for ArcGIS we are happy to report that it is now possible to connect to a database that has an enterprise geodatabase and add registered geodatabase tables to a workbook. Note however, support is limited to simple feature classes and attribute tables only. Additionally, Insights does not work directly with file and personal geodatabases.

That said, we know that you require more.

As a continued effort to improve the product and get you the insights you need (pun intended), we want to hear your wants and needs around geodatabases. For example, do you want to make use of existing relationships and domains?

Influence future capabilities of geodatabases within Insights. Leave us your comments below.

Thanks in advance,

Mallory Delgadillo, Doug Cochran, and The Insights Development Team

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  1. johnmdye says:

    Darn. I was so happy to see this post until I saw that caveat about only supporting simple feature classes and no support for relationships or domains at this release. I’m still happy to see it, just would have been happier otherwise. Needless to say, we absolutely want support for Relationships and Domains. I would venture to say that the vast majority of Enterprise Geodatabases out there employ those capabilities pretty heavily. Some of them even use Subtypes! *gasp*

    In all seriousness, great step in the right direction. Yes do please add support for Relationships and Domains.

  2. jakethepainter says:

    In order to enable users in our organization to do their own analysis, they need to access data wherever it lives. We have tons of data in our geodatabase and spend a lot of time curating it. So yes, existing relationships and domains are crucial. And yes definitely Subtypes. I would say file geodatabases are also important, because many users start there with some data, before it becomes official/stable enough to make it into the organization’s geodatabase. Our hope with Insights is to move the point of analysis closer to the end user and keep the GIS Analysts from having to do simple spatial analytics over and over because we’re the only ones with access to both GIS and non-GIS data sources.

    • johnmdye says:

      “Our hope with Insights is to move the point of analysis closer to the end user and keep the GIS Analysts from having to do simple spatial analytics over and over because we’re the only ones with access to both GIS and non-GIS data sources.”

      Whoa. That just blew my mind. Why did I never think of that.I second Jake’s request for FileGDB support, and SQLite while you’re at it!

  3. ashtonj says:

    Having access to databases is great but somehow I was thinking Insights would further the dream of using data closest to source. At present release of insights I am forced to have the data/service in my portal or connect to a database. The “real” dream I thought was to connect to another organizations “services” and thus be able to use their data/service in my analysis without contacting them, downloading it etc etc.
    In short we have a number of federated services as items in the portal coming from a number of organizations ArcGIS Server/Enterprise implementations let me use them insights!
    I don’t want to go through the traditional steps to acquire and load the data into my own portal just perform the analysis – when there is an authoritative webservice that I can access.
    With this limitation the insights tool really becomes something for the experienced GIS analyst and the data wrangler – less of a self-service tool for policy analyst or someone in a business domain using GIS/Analytics to find causal relationships or trends in data

  4. johnmdye says:

    Quick question related to the FileGDB support. Insights, from my perspective is a pretty strong competitor for Tableau. Tabluea however, has a thick-client reader app called Tableau Reader. For FileGDB support, it would be pretty cool to have an answer to Tableau Reader in the form of a thick-client Insights Reader App.

    Something to facilitate reading spreadsheets and FileGDBs at the least and doing so locally without any connectivity. Perhaps this could be done with something like GitHub Electron so that the codebase for such a solution didn’t need to be built from scratch.

    I’d love to use Insights to lay waste to Tableau in my organization, but I can see that ability for Tableau to serve users on disconnected systems or display dashboards locally as a big barrier to wider adoption.

  5. mhoole_governmentofbc says:

    Will dynamic JSON layers be supported by Insights (please consider)? i.e.

  6. esri4591 says:

    Support for PostgreSQL database is in the product plan or not?