Changes to ArcGIS Open Data (June 2017)

Today ArcGIS Hub becomes available for selected early adopter customers.  ArcGIS Hub is a new product that enables governments and communities to tackle pressing issues by organizing and engaging around policy initiatives. ArcGIS Hub is built to help you put open data into context of top priorities.  The product will be generally available in late September/early October.

As of June 27, you will notice a few other things changing for you, as a current ArcGIS Open Data user. Here’s what to expect:

  • You will still have access to all the open data functionality and capabilities that you had through ArcGIS Open Data, but you will now access and manage those capabilities through ArcGIS Hub.
  • The ArcGIS Open Data application ( that you are used to visiting will no longer be your destination. It will be replaced by the new ArcGIS Hub destination ( Starting on June 27, 2017, will redirect to
  • ArcGIS Hub will include the same “Sites,” “Data,” “Team,” and “Settings” tabs that you have worked with. It will also include premium community engagement capabilities (via new “Community” and “Initiatives” tabs) that you can access if you license ArcGIS Hub.
  • All your existing open data sites will remain unaffected by this change. The URLs to your sites remain the same and you can still edit them. For example, if your site URL was before the launch of ArcGIS Hub, it will remain after the release.
  • Any new sites created with the “Create New Site” button in the “Sites” tab will still have URLs. Any new sites created with the ArcGIS Hub product will have URLs.
  • All ArcGIS Open Data help and documentation will now become part of ArcGIS Hub documentation. Any ArcGIS Open Data documentation pages you visit will automatically redirect to ArcGIS Hub documentation pages, giving you the same access to the content you need.

If you would like to learn more about the new ArcGIS Hub product and find out how it can help you take your open data further, visit

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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  1. todd.metzler@maine.gov_maine says:

    -Was there notification of this roll out prior to this post? One day notice. Really?
    -Our data consumers have reported the url(s) in their bookmarks, embedded in our other data discovery and access web sites, and our documentation are all broken and invalid.
    -Our team has thus expended a significant amount of resources today to help our customers find our data again on hub and fix our reference url(s) and documentation .
    -Didn’t Esri’s open data to hub transition plan include the requirement to do url redirects for customers?

    Todd Metzler
    ArcGIS Platform Administrator

    • Brenda Wolfe says:

      Hi Todd,

      I am very sorry the redirect of caused additional work for you and your team, and inconvenienced people looking for the data.

      The Hub Team tried to make the Open Data update this week seamless to our customers. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate Open Data users deep linking to their data from the “umbrella” site. Thanks for bringing this usage scenario to our attention. In our experience, most customers to have their own Open Data pages, something like (because they like the branding and control over their own URLs), and point interested parties to the data there. We made sure links on customers’ own Open Data pages were not affected by the redirect of to, but I apologize we did not foresee the issue you raised, and for the aggravation it has caused.

  2. ekpalmer_irm says:

    Another member of my organization made some links to our Open Data page in his content and then left the organization. Now I am unable to edit these items, delete them or even take ownership of them. Will they disappear when I delete the account profile? How can I make changes in this new format?