Can GIS analysis make our roads safer?

Check out this case study Story Map showing spatial and temporal analyses of crash data in Brevard County, Florida.  It begins with a simple space-time trend analysis, displaying the results in 3D.  The workflow is then refined to analyze traffic accidents using the underlying road network.  Finally, the analysis considers temporal cycles such as the work week afternoon commute.  You may download the data and follow the complete workflow from start to finish.  References and resources for learning more are also available.

Space Time Crash Hot Spots

Space Time Crash Analysis

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  1. c_sharp_dotnet says:

    Very cool – once upon a time I worked in a small rural town’s 2 man GIS department and we did some similar analysis to find the most problematic streets/intersections for motor vehicle accidents. It’s great to see how far GIS has com since then. The 3D maps really help visualize these hot spots, great job!