Collector for ArcGIS Updated Today!

On June 5th, we released a new version of Collector that is now available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and the Windows Store.

This is a minor update but adds some strategic new enhancements that will improve the way you work with high accuracy GPS receivers, manage attachments, work with basemaps and use Collector in a connected environment.

GPS Averaging –  can be used to improve the precision of your high-accuracy collection workflows. You can capture a number of positions and create a location from the average of those positions.

Rename Media Attachments -  now you can provide a meaningful name to the photos that you take around a feature. This is one of the most requested enhancements.

SD card support (Android) -  you can use the SD card to store and manage basemaps for easier, faster deployment of data.

Continuous Collect Improvements -  now supporting feature types that contain relationship classes.

Layer Refresh Support -  if your feature layers have a layer refresh interval set, Collector will honor the refresh setting. This is valuable when working with maps in a connected state as the graphics of a feature are cached when on the device and this will force a query/update.

In addition to these updates, we have several additional bug fixes and minor stability improvements. Please refer to our documentation website for more information.


The Collector Team

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  1. soldous says:

    Hi Collector Team,

    thanks for your great work but I would like to inform you that on google play (Middle Europe) there is no new version. The last version on my google play is 10.4.2

    Best Regards

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      soldous – this was due to the rollout within Google Play. I kicked the rollout to 100% around 6am PST this morning so it should be fully visible in the store now.

  2. pohlinger says:


    I just installed the newest version of the collector app on Android and discovered a pretty big bug – When I load my map it shows all layers at all scales, and doesn’t take into account the scale settings from ArcGIS Online. This makes our maps almost unusable. Please fix this ASAP!!

  3. dougbrowning says:

    Oh collector so close yet so far. Why not let me pick the directory on the SD card? I already have my tpks on the card BUT it is in a directory named something different than ArcGIS_Collector. This now requires me to either change my other program or have then all on there twice.

    Please consider changing this to let me chose ANY directory in any location. I have a 3rd party app that has had this ability for years.


    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Doug – this is under consideration but there have been challenges with SD card support across Android versions that affected our timeline. If the other 3rd party app supports this ability, perhaps a short term solution would be to put your .tpks in the ArcGIS_Collector folder and those apps that support browse to browse to it? At least that way you don’t have to duplicate.

      • dougbrowning says:

        Yes I am thinking about changing the dir I use to Collector but that means going out and switching 170+ tablets that are in the field already. Also we use a file structure that allows for using the tpks zipped and unziped which I am not sure collector will allow (the large basemaps work faster unzipped).

        Plus it seems like this works only for basemaps and it does not allow using other tpks? I make tpks of all my layers since internet access is not an option for us.

        I believe the challenges you are referring are the way Android numbers the card such as 3988-9087\Dir. To get around this the 3rd party has a Select Data Dir button where I can set it to whatever android named it. Works great.

        I do appreciate you guys finally working on this, it would just be so much more useful with a few tweaks. We are a esri shop but can not use Collector until this happens. The Collector team did ask me for a list of recommendations which was cool.

        Thanks a lot

  4. cgiadminuser says:

    Hi there Collector! The android version will not open after the update. Upon tapping the icon I receive an immediate error message that “Collector has stopped.” It provides the option to restart the app, but that gives the same results.

    Can you please get the app rolling again? It’s critical to our work flow.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      cgiadminuser – can you please contact support on this? Is it happening on more than one device? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

      • cgiadminuser says:

        Yes it is happening on multiple devices. I just uninstalled/reinstalled the app with the same result. Thanks for the reply, I’ll head over to support.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      If you encounter the crash reported here, the current workaround is to:
      1. Uninstall Collector from your device.
      2. Navigate to “My files” > “Internal Storage” > “ArcGIS_Collector” Open “offline_data” and delete any local content left on the device.
      3. Install from the store.

      Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

      • Jeff Shaner says:

        Another workaround update today as we narrow this down (we are testing a fix)…

        Since the above steps have been posted, this issue has been tested and narrowed down further to specific offline basemaps. The following set of steps provide a more detailed approach to identifying the problematic files, while still preserving much of the offline data content:

        1. Close Collector
        2. Connect the device to a PC via USB
        3. Using Windows Explorer to access the device, navigate to ArcGIS_Collector > offline_data > basemaps
        Cut/paste all the offline basemaps into a folder on the PC
        4. Using a process of elimination, proceed to paste each basemap folder back into the basemaps folder on the device, while opening Collector in between.
        5. Once the problematic basemap(s) have been identified, proceed to remove them from the device and redownload if necessary.

        Note: This workflow may be performed directly on the device via its file explorer app w/out the use of the USB connection. The steps might vary due to different Android versions or file explorer apps being used on the devices.

  5. johnmdye says:

    This is a great update Jeff. Renaming photos is a massive win. Props to the Collector team for getting this done. Just curious, have you guys given any thought to supporting 360 cameras and the A-frame spec for attachments?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Hey John. Thanks! We have not looked at 360 cameras yet. Is this the spec you are referring to?

      • johnmdye says:

        That’s it. Yeah I was just thinking it would be cool to go beyond static images and be able to use a 360 camera attachment to capture 360 photos and submit those as attachments. Then there would need to be some handling done across the platform to support that, for web-based solutions the A-frame seems to be the winner that will get the chicken dinner. No idea how to handle it within a native app, but it would be super cool to capture and view 360 photos across the platform. Think virtual tour type scenarios.

        • abowne says:

          +1 for 360 photos. We are using collector to collect A LOT of 360 photos (facility interiors). Right now collecting is a bit cumbersome as there is no way to directly connect to the camera. We are using a Ricoh Theta. It’d also be nice to be able to display them as 360 photos in collector (or explorer).

  6. fsenyah says:

    Some great improvements here guys – especially media renaming and continuous collect for relates! I’m sure you guys have got a list of future improvements to make, any idea whether Auto ID or Not Null Fields support is on the roadmap?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      fsenyah – sorry I missed your comment as well. We are working on the next evolution to Collector. We will be talking about this later in the summer and will have our first beta then. There are some exciting new things coming. We will solve the Not Null Fields issue with the changes that will be made and some dramatic new improvements are coming to forms in general. The Arcade scripting engine that currently supports labeling and rendering is coming to forms. Not only to improve Collector but web editing forms and desktop forms as well as it will be integrated directly into the popup. Stay tuned for those developments and join our beta program when we start it this fall!

  7. aeverett_lvwd_tx says:

    Has the accuracy setting on the Collector application been upgraded. Currently the application will never say you have more than 5 m accuracy even if you do. Has this been upgraded or do we still need to use other applications to know how accurate our GNSS is reading.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      aeverett_lvwd_tx – make sure that you have a location profile set. You need a location profile set to read the NMEA directly from the receiver.

  8. mattrs0 says:

    Using an iPad with iOS 10.3.2 and the new Collector update, I tried to test the GPS Averaging feature in Collector with an Eos Arrow 100. My existing file is setup to record the satellite metadata when I capture points. However, when I turned on the GPS Averaging feature and set it to 10 locations (i.e. 10 seconds), the finished collected point does not have any satellite metadata attached. Just the lat., long., and elevation is captured when GPS Averaging is utilized. Is this correct? We cannot capture estimated accuracy and other satellite metadata if we use GPS Averaging in Collector?

    I also turned off the GPS Averaging, collected a new point, and then my metadata fields showed up. So it just seems to be related to GPS Averaging.

  9. wsd_john.inkster says:

    Is there a “Share” feature in collector?

  10. msptcrusier59 says:

    I have a someone using the an iphone and the camera is there to take a photo, but the submit button is missing. Has anyone has this issue or can assist??


  11. msptcrusier59 says:

    Let me restate that the submit button is there, but grayed out so you can select it.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      msptcrusier59 – the button is most likely grayed out because a location is not set. Tap on the map to set the location or use the GPS.

  12. says:

    One feature that several of my users have requested local navigation similar to what is on terra sync on Trimble products. Basically when they get within a certain distance of a feature, they want the app to navigate them to the exact location with direction indicators, and maybe even audio cues. It could be very useful especially when we are using high accuracy receivers with the range pole. The driving navigation is good, but would love to see close poximity navigation – keeps from having to keep zooming in and zooming in and hoping to get to the location. We do a lot of returning to collected points and line intersections and that feature would help us out a lot. Is there any plans for this in the future? Thanks – and….GPS averaging is awesome!!! Thanks so much!!! – would like to see the metadata for averages features though.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      jsimpson – thanks for the feedback. We are planning to add a compass tool into the next major version of Collector. Explorer will add a first iteration of it with the release in July and we will be adding to its capabilities inside of Collector (we will be announcing this major version update later this summer). It would be great to get more of what you would like to see from a functional perspective.

      Regarding averaging and metadata, I should have mentioned in the post that we added NEW metadata fields for averaging. With averaging we will capture the averaged horizontal accuracy, averaged vertical accuracy, number of positions averaged AND the standard deviation as well. For the details, please read:

      The scripts on github have been updated and so has our GPS sample map.

  13. parkranger8188 says:

    Thank you for the update. But the NMEA warning still occurs on Samsung S7 running Android 7.0: “Your device is not sending valid NMEA….’ This then intermittently leads to a failure to find a location unless you completely close the app and re-open it. The cause: The integrated receiver does not update itself. It is like it gives up pinging the phone for a location if it does not succeed the first time. Happens on other Android S7 devices used by my colleagues as well. No other GPS based apps have this issue.

  14. sitibsa says:

    Perfect, but when will the labels be supported?

  15. parkranger8188 says:

    In addition to the NMEA warning and integrated receiver issue mentioned in my previous post. I have noticed this update puts your pick lists out of order on Collector even though they are in order on ArcGIS on line.

  16. glsavion says:

    I’m using collector in android
    In my work I need to upload movies
    when the ability to do this will by rady

  17. parkranger8188 says:

    NMEA bug stil there on latest update. Happening to Samsung S7 with Android 7. No other GPS type apps give this bug.

  18. gahisu says:

    We are no longer able to log in to Portal for ArcGIS with Collector 17.0.1. Has something changed with the Portal requirements/settings?

  19. gahisu says:

    What versions of Portal for ArcGIS are supported with Collector for ArcGIS on iOS? We are no longer able to log in to Portal 10.4 through Collector on an iPad.

  20. Hello team,

    This update introduces a bug on systems that have their system language set to Dutch (Nederlands):
    When entering data on a numeric field the keyboard option normally includes various extra values in the bottom right corner of the keyboard pop-up; comma or decimal (language-dependent) and a minus and plus sign. Set to English using double-tapping scrolls through these options, so you are able to enter a negative value and decimal precision. Until 10.4.2 this worked for both Dutch and English locale, but with 17.0.2 this no longer works for Dutch (and, presumably, other decimal character = comma languages). Decimal precision is still possible since the first optional character is comma/point, but the minus sign is now inaccessible. Switching only keyboard to a different language makes no difference, the only option that works is setting the complete Android system to English.

    Best regards,


  21. vvojvodic says:

    Can you look into Amazon App store in US? Collector is listed but do appear as unavailable…? I would like to test it out on their latest Fire HD tablet.


  22. gheintz_a says:

    FYI – With the new June 5th, 2017 Collector update, be aware of turning “on” Average Locations for GPS averaging when working with related tables. If Average Locations are turned on, the user won’t be able to submit a newly created related table record or Update an existing record in Collector. When the user tries to create a new or update an existing table record, and then click the first attribute field to populate or update the value, the “Submit” or “Update” button is grayed and the user is unable to Submit or Update the record.

  23. aaroncraig says:

    We had refresh enabled layers in our webmaps we use with collector…. And it refreshed the layers…. And this is back since 2015…?? Seems like ESRI is not communicating with itself?

    The only issue we had with Refresh settings in the webmap and using collector to make edits is that when the layer refreshes during an edit, the edit is lost and needs to be done again from the start. Is this what ESRI is talking about when they make the statement:

    “Layer Refresh Support – if your feature layers have a layer refresh interval set, Collector will honor the refresh setting. This is valuable when working with maps in a connected state as the graphics of a feature are cached when on the device and this will force a query/update.”


  24. jimgrimes says:

    We are encountering an issue when we attempt to use the “GPS averaging” option. After you hit the “+” to add a feature, then select your template, returns to the map view and after a few seconds this error pops up “Unfortunately, Collector has stopped”. It refreshes and returns to the All Maps screen. This is occurring on multiple devices Samsung Tablets Model SM-T377V, with Trimble R1 GNSS pocket receiver in conjunction with the Trimble GNSS Status app. Any suggestions?

  25. jtnelson@usbr.gov_usbr says:

    I was testing data collection both in a disconnected (background imagery loaded in office – worked well) and connected environments. The problem that I encountered was that if I had poor connectivity with the cellular network the download would take forever in the field or editing not available. Could you have an option to download the schema only so that editable features could be populated without a background and/or send schema as text message when data not available?

  26. stedin says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Was the Collector scaling issue fixed?

    Is there an Explorer blog? There is a bug with Explorer where individual group layers cannot be turned on which renders the app unusable for our users. Any ideas of a timeline for a fix?


  27. vopgis says:

    I have installed on a shared tablet using windows. Works very well until somebody else logs in. Where would I find the install location. I don’t see it on the list of installs in control panel.

  28. gheintz says:

    Collector Team,

    FYI – With the new June 5th, 2017 Collector update, there is a serious bug when turning “on” Average Locations for GPS averaging from the Collection Settings menu and working with related tables. If Average Locations are turned on, the user won’t be able to submit a newly created related table record or Update an existing record in Collector. When the user tries to create a new or update an existing table record, and then click the first attribute field to populate or update the value, the “Submit” or “Update” button is grayed out and the user is unable to Submit or Update the record. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.