What’s New In ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365

A new version of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 is now available for free download.  This popular Esri application is linking AutoCAD users with the ArcGIS platform. It provides self-service mapping to AutoCAD users through ArcGIS web services  along with the ability  to create and edit ArcGIS GIS data sets within AutoCAD drawing files.  The drawing files with ArcGIS data sets within them can be read and written by ArcGIS desktop and ArcGIS for AutoCAD creating flexible file-base and enterprise services interoperability workflows.  ArcGIS for AutoCAD works with 32bit and 64bit  basic-AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D versions 2013-2017.  Although not certified at this time it may also be used with AutoCAD 2018.

Watch this video for an overview of new features.  You can also find a series of videos demonstrating these new capabilities more in-depth here.

New features of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 Include

AutoCAD block attribute-based feature field values
AutoCAD block attributes and ArcGIS feature attributes are now automatically linked so that, once defined with the same field name and tag name you can edit attributes using any AutoCAD interface or ArcGIS for AutoCAD method.

ESRI_BLOCKTOFC converts AutoCAD Blocks with Attributes to Local Feature Classes
The new ESRI_BLOCKTOFC command creates feature classes for blocks and defines attribute fields in the resulting feature classes, one for each block attribute, where the tag name of the attribute is used as the feature field name.  Once created, field values will continue to be based on the block attribute value according to the new automatic block attribute and ArcGIS field matching behavior.

Feature Linked Labels: ESRI_PICKLABEL Command
The new ESRI_PICKLABEL command associates any selected AutoCAD text entity with an ArcGIS feature’s attribute field and is then used to populate and control that feature’s field value.  After invoking the ESRI_PICK label command users will be prompted to specify which field to link text to. The tool will automatically zoom to each of the selected features and allow users to pick the text they want to use to control that feature’s field value.

Shared Text Values:  ESRI_RELATETEXT Command
This new capability allows you to  select any collection of text entities and their values will be kept in agreement, including those already linked to a field value.   If you make a change to any of the text entities in the group or edit the field value linked to one of the text entities all of them are kept in agreement.  In combination the new linked text capability and the ESRI_RELATETEXT commands can support many flexible labeling and field editing workflows.

Elevation Analysis Service Tools
In this newest release Esri subscription customers can utilize Esri’s Premium Global Elevation Analysis Services to establish the elevation within AutoCAD for features anywhere on the earth’s surface.   The Esri subscription named user login is only required when accessing these premium services according to the established standard credit usage rate.

The ESRI_ELEVATETOFIELD command will change the elevation of features based on any numeric field value to define the destination elevation.  This tool does NOT require a named user login.

Is a premium Elevation Analysis tool that I can access when I login to ArcGIS with my named user credentials.  This tool will modify the elevation of features in my AutoCAD drawing based on the information from the Esri Global Elevation Service.

The ESRI_ADDELEVATIONPROPERTIES tool adds elevation, slope and aspect data to any features in an AutoCAD drawing to help users better understand the 3D location of a proposed building site or study area.

New AutoLISP Functions
A number of new AutoLISP routines have been added to this release.  These include AutoLISP functions to work with the new linked label and related text behaviors.  AutoLISP tools have been added to better control the automation and synchronization of feature services.

Updated Bonus Tools
The ArcGIS for AutoCAD sample AutoLISP functions have been updated to work with the new capabilities of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365.  The block handling tools and label placement tools have been enhanced to take advantage of the new feature linking and editing capabilities of this new release.  This video outlines some of the new capabilities of this label placement sample tool.

You can download ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365, here.

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  1. ajanocha says:

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for posting this update. Does version 365 allow the user to save user name and password credentials when creating a service connection to a secured GIS server? This was previously listed as enhancement request ENH-000094690. Currently, the user needs to re-enter this information each time he or she adds uses an existing server connection in a new drawing.


    • lynchburggis says:

      Just want to throw our support behind Andy’s request. Saving credentials when accessing secured AGS would be incredibly beneficial to our organization.

    • Don Kuehne says:

      The users credentials once validated are valid for once for the current drawing session. Each time you open a new drawing session your credentials will be needed. There is an AutoLISP function to log into secure connections where “you” could store and supply credentials, but as a matter of security we do not store user credentials.

  2. paul.haakma says:

    Hi Don

    Looks like this update doesn’t add the ability to access AGOL feature services? This is our number one limitation for using the plugin so would be keen to know where that is at in the roadmap?


    • Don Kuehne says:

      Hosted feature services are indeed on our road map. Next release likely numbered 375 will include portal browsing, and the release “after” that one is where we hope to finally include hosted feature service editing.

      • troybum says:

        Hello. I had a support rep point me to this blog when I was looking at 365. We are definitely wanting to connect to our portal. I see release 370 came out and doesn’t look to have that Portal capability. Is 375 still looking to have that? Do we have an ETA since January ended up being 370? I have some drafters that are really wanting to take advantage of our enterprise content. Thanks!

  3. kostelnicek says:

    Does anybody try to install with AutoCAD 2018? Any experience? Thanks for reply.

  4. fcernst111 says:

    I have Civil 3D 2018 and it’s saying no valid installation of AutoCAD available. Any workarounds?

  5. luvaconsult says:

    Im at beginner level in Autocad. I have just downloaded Autocad 2018 and I want to use the Arcgis for Autocad-plugin. I have downloaded the plugin, but I dont know how to activate it. It does not appear in the ribbon. Could you please specify in detail what I should do?

    Thanks, Helene

    • Don Kuehne says:

      You could wait for the next release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD 370 which is due to be released in Oct/Nov 2017 that will include the installer for the new version of AutoCAD. Or you could install the software on a earlier version of AutoCAD and move the files to a machine with AutoCAD 2018. If you do, then to launch the application you would first have to perform the NETLOAD command in AutoCAD to load the application (ArcGISforAutoCAD.dll).

  6. jonpaulday says:

    Good afternoon,

    We have ArcGIS for AutoCAD 365 setup to run on startup with AutoCAD Map 3D 2018. This works until the user attempts to open multiple tabs, this then causes a
    ‘AutoCAD Error Aborting’
    FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0×0010 Exception at e7c64300h.

    We have tried everything to get pass this error but have been unsuccessful over 7 months later!

    Therefore, any update on the 370 release?

    Kind regards,