Workforce for ArcGIS Update

Workforce for ArcGIS is updating! Today we released updates to the mobile apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon app store. On Monday May 1st at 5:00pm PST we will be updating the website.

What’s New

There are key new enhancements for the mobile worker and project owner. As the Project Owner, you can now choose a web map or survey at the assignment type level when defining the app integration with Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS. This means that you can design surveys and web maps that are focused on the specific task that your mobile worker needs to complete.

In addition to app integrations, we are adding support for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 now by providing a setup that you can use to get started and pilot workforce projects using 10.5 from our Early Adopter Program.

UPDATE: As of Monday May 1st at 5pm PST, the Workforce website update is now live!

Workforce Team

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    Cool! That looks pretty useful!

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    May I translate this post and post it on my blog for Korean?

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    Just thinking the way to get the codes google play online that we want to get the gift cards.