Launch a Story Map Journal at a specific section

Story Map Journal is a very popular and versatile story map template, ideal for when you want to combine text with maps and other media. Examples include Mountains of Fire, Atlas for a Changing Planet, and many more found on the Story Map Journal gallery.

About Map Journal sections

By default a Map Journal opens to the first section, also called the home section, and provides scrolling (or click) access to additional sections in the journal.

Sections appear in ascending order from the home (or first) section downwards, and can be found on the left or right side depending on the layout option chosen. The examples shown below have the fifth section active:

Share a Map Journal at a specific section

To open a Map Journal at a specific section, add &section=<num> to the end of the story map URL, where num is the section number that you want the Map Journal to open with.

For example, the following URL will open Atlas for a Changing Planet at the beginning (the Home or first section):

To open the Map Journal at the 4th section, use the following URL (note the section number appended):

More information

For more information see the Story Map Journal overview, gallery, and tutorial.

This post was originally published April 14, 2015, and has been udpated.

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  1. Fatimah Khan says:

    Hi, I am using the Story Map Journal template but am facing some difficulties with the SETTINGS. Was wondering if anyone could help.
    1. The custom logo does not appear after URL is added.
    2. The layout theme is restricted to only one option.
    Best, Fatimah
    p.s: I have a home user license.

  2. mkoneya says:


    I found your blog interesting.

    This is exactly what I wanted to with this Story Map:

    If you notice in the popup on the main page, I have a link that says View Station Detail. I added a hyperlink to zoom to the specific station detail section in the story map. It works, sort of. The map location updates in the main stage but not the information on the left side. We have 15 stations, but skip station 12 as that is reserved for future use.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions as to what the issue may be.