Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.4 Developer Edition Now Available!

Quick announcement: Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS v2.4 Developer Edition is now available for download from the ArcGIS Developers Site.

This release includes the new capabilities that were recently added to the embedded Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online earlier this month. A new Legend widget for 3D apps is available and many widget enhancements were added.

For more details, please review this blog post: What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (March 2017).

The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Dev team

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  1. Oleg says:

    Is it possible to clarify

    “New Report dijit allows you to print a file with a map, tables, and supporting elements” ?


  2. colacitygis says:

    Can you add geolocation function on Near Me Widget for the next release? It will be a great tool when using mobile devices to locate nearby facilities such as parking lots.

  3. stephen.sannicolas@amwater.com says:

    How do deploy my local webmap app back to AGOL and point to AGOL and not my PC?

    • Law says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Apps created with Web AppBuilder Developer Edition cannot be uploaded into ArcGIS Online. They are hosted on your own web server and you would register the app in ArcGIS Online as a new item. The item would always point back to your own web server.

      Hope this helps,