Use the Time Aware Template to Show Live Forecast Data

With the March update to ArcGIS Online, the Time Aware configurable app template will support live forecast data.  The Time Aware app dynamically shows changes in data through time.  It supports static and live data while adding support for live future or forecast data.  Enabling the forecast option sets the start point for the application to the time the app is opened and moves the time extent forward instead of backward. This is especially useful for predictive weather and climate live data feeds.  This blog shows how to configure the future or forecast option. For a complete overview of configuring live data options visit this blog post.

To set now (or when the application is opened) as the start time of your time slider, select the new forecast option located on the top of the Live Data Option tab in the configuration panel. This signifies your data contains future or forecast data. 

Example 1

The Storm Watch 2017: SoCal Rain Forecast app shows the precipitation forecast in Southern California over the next 72 hours.  Using the new forecast option, the app will set the start time to time it is opened or refreshed.

Example 2

The Town Hall 2017 app shows the planned town hall meetings in 2017.  Using the new forecast option, the app will show only future events.

Note: The Town Hall 2017 app is using custom CSS to embed the slider into the legend.

Steps to embed the slider:

  1. In the Time Aware template configuration panel turn off the about dialog (General tab), scale bar and share dialog (Options tab).
  2. On the Theme tab, copy the sample CSS into the Custom CSS box.
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  1. jack.settelmaier_noaa says:

    With the latest AGOL update, I’m seeing some issues in my TimeAware template use. How can I tell if the template I am using is current? My tick marks went away in the animation that used to work in Tab #2 of this MapSeries:

    • Matt Payne says:

      Thank you for reporting this to us! We’re looking into the issue and should be getting this taken care of. Check back in on your app tomorrow morning (12/15) and if the issue is still present, please let me know. Thanks!