Research Market Potential Using Esri Business Analyst Web App

Iowa State CapitolIn the 1970s, the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines had a bird’s-eye view of a downtown in deep decay. Decades later, the iconic building — the ubiquitous television backdrop for nearly every reporter covering the Iowa Caucus — is perched over a booming downtown. College students and young professionals work and party in a downtown now considered a trendy place to live.

Now these young adults, a population that prefers feet and bicycles over cars, want more entertainment choices within walking distance of their apartments. In a new Learn ArcGIS lesson, Research Market Potential Using Esri Business Analyst Web App, you will assume the role of an entrepreneur wanting to convert a vacant building into an upscale theater showing independent films, serving restaurant-quality meals, and offering local beers.

In Research Market Potential Using Esri Business Analyst Web App, you will use Esri geospatial tools to research whether downtown Des Moines has the income and demographics needed to support an upscale theater. You will also compare Iowa’s capital city to seven other Midwestern cities with successful uptown theaters.

And finally, at the end of the 30-minute exercise, you will link to a story map showing which movie genres Iowans prefer when they attend movies as well as which communities pay for movie tickets.

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