What’s Coming in the Business Analyst Web App

The upcoming update of the Business Analyst web app is planned for the end of February and will include several improvements and enhancements. Here is what we have planned:

More Powerful Suitability Analysis 

Incorporate competitive and complementary locations to make better suitability decisions. For example, factor in how many other sandwich places are within the trade area of a potential sandwich place you want to invest in.

Use site attributes added from the site details panel. Calculate weighted scores for each potential location and review their ranks from most suitable to least suitable location.

Improved infographics with Support for Location Attributes and Your Own Data

Create more informative infographics by using location attributes such as number of parking spaces, rent, and more. Add site pictures and present market information with more attractive infographics. Include your own business data more easily and combine them with Esri Demographics content. Select, move, rotate, and re-size elements within the infographic panels more efficiently.

Bring in Your Own Data More Easily and Use Them in Reports

Using your own business data is a critical part of your market analysis. You will be able to use your own data in custom reports and infographics and experience an improved custom data setup workflow. For example, you can easily bring in your sales data by zip code and create a custom report that includes your sales data for a 5-minutes drive time area.

Latest Demographic Updates for 32 countries in Western and Eastern Europe

Use the 2015 MBR data for several European countries including Austria, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, and more. Leverage the 2010-2014 Esri’s ACS Tract only data for the U.S that includes population, ethnicity, ancestry, poverty status, and more.

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  1. johnmdye says:

    BA TEAM, Love what you guys are doing here! This is amazing work. A couple of things that I think might also be helpful (FYI – I wont have a chance to actually sit down with the new BA Web App until later this month so I’m shooting from the hip a bit. Some of what I would propose might already be possible).

    1. Site Suitability Profiles – It would be useful to either import settings for Site Suitability Analysis from some kind of “suitability profile”, stored as an item within the Portal. For example, Walmart has a couple of different store models; Supercenters, Neighborhood Centers and the normal, everyday Walmart. Well, the suitability analysis for each of those store models is going to be completely different. It would be useful to be able to persist the suitability settings for each of those different store models as a kind of “suitability profile” and apply that “suitability profile” whenever you want, rather than having to apply the settings manually every time. That could be useful for quickly figuring out which of your various store models is most likely to succeed in an given location.

    1. I would like to see an Infographic API or some kind of programmatic interface for generating infographics. I think similar to the Reports toolset in the BA Toolbox, it would be helpful to have an Infographics toolset that facilitates batch creation of Infographics from a template infographic. These infographics would be static in nature and export to either JPG, PNG or PDF.

    2. As for live or dynamic infographics that can be embedded on websites and such, I would propose that infographic templates become a Portal Item with a parameterized URL in which you can pass a lat-long or feature service and OID. That infographic would then adjust its component metrics to reflect the specifics of that particular location.

    3. Love the bring your own Data approach and especially love that it can be accessed from the Data Browser. I would propose that you go a step further with the BYO-Data approach in the Data Browser and provide an XML Specification which administrators can use to allow Corporate Data to sit right beside Esri’s Data in the Data Browser, with it’s own categories, collections, icons and the like. I get how that can be a challenge, so maybe it comes down to treating corporate data as it’s own ‘Country’. If that becomes the case though, then functionality would need to be added to allow intermingling of data from various ‘countries’ in a single report, geoenrichment and/or infographic.

    Sorry, I know these aren’t easy asks. The things in life worth doing are never easy though.

  2. phs_jrpaul says:

    When we import data by zip code (e.g. sales by zip), will BAO be able to associate the zip code with its shape for choropleth maps? Right now, it just marks the centroid of the zip code’s location on the map. The Excel plug-in is able to create a choropleth map off of this data though. Or is there more direct way to do this in BAO?

    Can the Infographics be exported to JPG or PDF?

    Thanks! Look forward to the update!

    • Thank you for your questions, Jeff.

      We are woking on enhancing the import excel data workflow to handle zip codes and such boundaries in a better and more useful way. However, there is an easier way to create chloropleth maps in the BA web app (formerly known as BAO): http://doc.arcgis.com/en/business-analyst/web/color-coded-maps.htm

      Currently, Infographics can be exported to Image or HTML formats. We don’t yet have a way built into the BA web app to export Infographics as PDFs. It is certainly on our roadmap though. As a workaround, you can export them to Image or HTML and create a PDF from them.