Drone2Map 1.1 is now available for download

Drone2Map for ArcGIS version 1.1 is available for download from My Esri and the Drone2Map for ArcGIS Help Site.

This release builds on the core features of Drone2Map and adds new product types, additional licensing options, and much more.

Here are some of the highlights of the Drone2Map 1.1 release:

  • Improved licensing including the ability to license Drone2Map from Portal for ArcGIS.
  • Auto updates to make updating Drone2Map easier.
  • An application settings page to set default behaviors for Drone2Map.
  • Capability to export common processing settings as a project template that can be imported for new projects.
  • Ability to add images after a project is created.
  • Capability to set the vertical reference for a project.
  • A set of measurement tools to measure 2D distance and area, and calculate volume of features.
  • Ability to share image locations and flight paths as feature layers in Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online.
  • Ability to share image products as hosted imagery layers in Portal for ArcGIS.
  • User defined cache levels to allow flexibility when creating cached tile layers.
  • Ability to add local .tif, .slpk and .jp2 file types to your projects.
  • New product types including digital terrain model (DTM) and contour lines.
  • Redesigned processing options for greater flexibility, performance and output options.
  • Enhanced options for importing ground control points (GCPs) including from file geodatabase and from hosted feature layer.
  • An estimate image links option in the Manage GCP tool that places estimated GCPs in relevant images to ease the GCP placement process.
  • Legend graphics for table of contents items.
  • Capability to generate elevation profile along a user defined line.
  • Ability to cancel running tasks.
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  1. geo_wss263 says:

    Hello,once I start Drone2Map,login in,and see the start page,it will shut down.

  2. esri4591 says:

    What version of Portal will support to manage Drone2Map license?

  3. argam.irshaidat says:


  4. adeschutter_doc says:

    Hi, I’ve installed Drone2Map but I get an unexpected error when trying to open it. “An unexpected error has occurred. The details are listed below as well was the log file. Drone2Map will close/… Details: Cannot set Owner property to itself.”

    • takanesuiren says:

      Hello! May I know if you have managed to resolve this issue? I have been experiencing the same thing! I can’t understand what the cause of it even when I looked at the log files! It is frustrating. Is there any workaround for this?

      • bowleysj says:

        I’m getting the exact same “An unexpected error has occurred. error with Drone2Map 1.2, Details: Value cannot be null, Parameter name: Value.

        Has there been any fix for this?