What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (December 2016)

In this update, we’ve continued the major theme for Web AppBuilder in 2016 Q4: enhancing widgets. The team has focused on making the user experience for many widgets better, in terms of both usability and functionality.

Widget enhancements:

  • Add Data widget supports adding layers from groups and local files: shapefile, CSV, GPX, and GeoJSON.
  • Attribute Table widget can display attachments.
  • Basemap Gallery widget has a new option to synchronize with the basemap gallery setting of the ArcGIS organization at runtime, and allows you to import basemaps from a group.
  • Coordinate widget, you can choose the display order of the coordinates.
  • Directions widget now supports predefined start and end stops, and displays the default travel modes at runtime when the travel mode URL is not specifically configured.
  • District Lookup and NearMe widgets, have new options for advanced search and using a pushpin button to set location.
  • Filter and Query widgets, support the ability to filter values by all applicable expressions in addition to the previous expressions.
  • Incident Analysis widget has new options to configure labels for Locate Incident and Incident, and you can select the units to display for wind speed.
  • Info Summary widget, you can group features based on renderer and it has been improved to better support the many different Web AppBuilder themes.
  • Query widget: when running a query against a related table, all the related features can be highlighted on the map and listed in the panel; you can also change the symbol at runtime to highlight the query result differently on the map.
  • Situational Awareness widget: you can create snapshots of location and supporting analyzed info; add count to each tab; save point and line locations (in addition to polygons); and provide multiple input locations for analysis.
  • Smart Editor widget now hides the cache layer from the app so it no longer displays in the Layer List and Legend widgets.
  • Splash widget supports vertically aligning the content to the top or middle of the app.
  • Summary widget has the option to set the auto-refresh interval.

By popular request, we’ve added a new Extent Navigate widget which enables navigating the map to its previous or next extents.

General enhancements:

  • The builder has a new shortcut option to open the item page of an app by clicking the title of the app.
  • The Plateau Theme now supports longer titles.
  • The Choose Web Map functionality now supports content refresh.
  • The symbol picker now supports custom images as point symbols.
  • There’s a new HTML source tool and more fonts including Garamond, Tahoma, and Verdana have been added to the rich text editor in the Splash, About, and Smart Editor widgets as well as in the Attribute tab when you define the font for the title of the app.
  • You can now add markers to the features and locations you are interested in or remove markers from them.
  • Related records are now listed on the pop-up with attachments, if there are any.

We hope you like the new updates and happy holidays,
The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Dev team

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  1. xinnong_ps says:

    fantastic! thanks!

  2. simoxu says:

    Some new features come just in time, great update!

  3. kwikstrom says:

    Regarding “Related records are now listed on the pop-up with attachments, if there are any.”

    How can the list of related records be configured if I want to display a different attribute?

    For example, in the Election Results WAB application, I can click on a precinct and click view related results, but each related record in the list is the precinct ID. Being able to configure which attribute is displayed would allow identifying which record to view in the popup rather than going through each one until the desired record is found.

    Just need a little help if the attribute displayed in the related record list can be configured.

    Great update, nonetheless! Thanks!

    • gbarden says:

      I have the same question. Very disappointed by the change! Now I get a blank list of related records in my pop-up, or in some cases, the list is populated by a random attribute with no way to configure what appears!

      • Law says:

        Hi kwikstrom and gbarden,

        Currently, the list of related records cannot be configured. The listed records display attributes of the display field of the web service (which is where it is specified). It’s not possible to configure in Web AppBuilder, nor in the ArcGIS Online map viewer. If no display field is set on the web service, we use the object ID. Please submit your enhancement request on the ArcGIS Ideas site:


        A workaround is to use the “View in Attribute Table” menu to show related records in the Attribute Table widget, which is the behavior to show related records in previous Web AppBuilder releases.

        Hope this helps,

        • gbarden says:

          Hi Derek,

          Yes this does help. One quick follow-up. Do you know if it will work if I am using an expression for the display field? It doesn’t seem to be working, but maybe not setting it up correctly.


          • Law says:

            Hi gbarden,

            Apologies for the late reply – for some reason blog comment notifications were not working for me.
            Not sure what you’re asking, can you please elaborate on what you want to do?

  4. bradysmith says:

    I am somewhat disappointed that the issue with the add data widget not honoring options like show data within my organization when using the app without logging in. Displaying all ESRI content is not that useful for an app used by the public. Thanks

  5. tfurcron says:

    Loving the new updates and the Smart Editor Widget, can’t wait for related table functionality in it as well.

    Are there any list of bug fixes associated with this update? Specifically looking for BUG-000100396.

  6. gerardob says:

    Can you now sort or filter on the related tables?

  7. ksundeen says:

    Great work! I’m starting on installing and updating some apps now.

  8. overlays says:

    The Add Data Widget has a bug:
    When restricted to only permit layers from AGOL, the page scroll buttons jumps to the top of the widget and page number disappears. But if the the URL or File options is enabled, the page scroll buttons accurately appear at the bottom of the widget.
    Please how can this be rectified?