ArcGIS Apps on iOS 10

You may have noticed the update badge appear on your iPhone or iPad today and wondered should I update to iOS 10?

If you use one of the following ArcGIS Apps, know that iOS 10 has been certified and you are just fine to update the OS:

Apps Team

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  1. andrew.parnell_mpi says:

    And Survey123?

  2. jbholcom says:

    Some of the older iPads are not compatible with iOS 10. Will Collector continue to support iOS 9.3…? Will future versions of Collector be compatible with older versions of iOS? I have a feeling this will make older iPads obsolete.

  3. vmijin says:

    AGSKeychainItemWrapper *keychainWrapper = [[AGSKeychainItemWrapper alloc]
    initWithIdentifier:kKeyChainKey accessGroup:nil];
    NSMutableDictionary *licenseInfoJSON = (NSMutableDictionary *)[keychainWrapper keychainObject];

    is not working in ios10

  4. cityofvancouvergisadmin says:

    Our field collectors who are using the latest ArcGIS Collector with iOS 10 on an iPad are experiencing blurry photos when capturing data. This seemed to have started the same day that we updated iOS to the latest OS on 10/3/2016.

    When they switch to the regular iPad camera, things look crisp; however, when they use the camera icon within Collector, the image appears blurry. With that said; it looks like the imagery is being collected and saving okay. We’ve tried messing with image size, but that doesn’t seem to affect the blurriness.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Eugene D.

  5. josh.milks says:

    You know this is bull crap. Survey123 does not work on my Iphone 6+ IOS10.
    When you go to Enterprise account – then the next page has two options – sign in using your enterprise account or using your arcgis account. Well when you click using your enterprise account, nothing happens. The link is broken and you all are costing my company tens of thousands of dollars. Why do we pay you?!?

  6. pointintegrated says:

    Can I view data table in Explorer for ArcGIS on an I Pad?

  7. ocsurveygis says:

    AppStudio for ArcGIS (Player) on iOS 10 should not be certified or decertified, because of the problems with fonts turning into hieroglyphics. It not only is in the app you are running but player itself.

  8. fileorgin says:

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