Cost Matrix Service – now available in beta!

With the June update of ArcGIS Online, we released the Origin Destination Cost Matrix service in beta.  This service computes a table of travel distances or travel times between many known locations.  It is available through the REST API, the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Geoprocessing widget, and the Network Analyst tools in ArcGIS Pro 1.3 and ArcMap.

ArcGIS Pro uses the online routing services directly within the Network Analyst “ribbon tools”.  No need for a Network Analyst extension, nor managing local network datasets.  Note: to use OD in Pro, 1.3 is needed.

Organizations often use the table output from OD analysis, as input to a secondary analysis.  Or it’s commonly used to simply identify the closest location(s), where the actual route and directions aren’t needed.  For example, if you need to assign customer locations to the nearest store, this is the tool for you.

During this beta period, credits will not be deducted for using the service.  When final, credits will be based off of the matrix size (number of origins times the number of destinations).  Give the service a try and let us know feedback during the beta period!

For more information, check out the below links, and give the service a try within ArcGIS Pro!


ArcGIS Pro:

Developer API:

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