Collector for ArcGIS 10.4 Beta

We are very excited to announce the public beta of the 10.4 release of Collector for ArcGIS. This is a significant release for Collector as it introduces new capabilities for collecting data with high-accuracy GNSS receivers.

Key New Features in this release:

  • Receive detailed information about the GNSS location and accuracy on the map
  • Specify lower minimum accuracy values used when collecting data
  • New GNSS receiver profile setting to connect to receivers
  • New correction profile setting to define datum transformations
  • Capture GNSS metadata and attach it to features you collect
  • Improved notifications for receiver changes or configuration issues

We really want your help to test drive our beta. We are starting now with iOS and Windows 10. Android will follow very soon.

To join our beta and get access to the software, please join the Collector Early Adopter Program.

Collector Team

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  1. jceradini says:

    Is 10.4 Beta available for Android yet?

  2. FM-Nordland says:

    I am not able to join the beta program it seems. Though I do mean I am qualified! we have extensive use of collector and we manage both ArcgisONline and Arcgisserver accounts.
    I wonder:
    From our Norwegian deliverer of Trimble products, we have been told that we need the following if we want to do postprocessing with collector and the trimble R1 GNSS:
    87341-01 Trimble Positions Mobile extension (perpetual) – for data logging on the mobile device in the field.
    87301-01 Trimble Positions Desktop add-in (perpetual) – for post processing on the computer.

    This cost quiet a bit of money. I wonder if the new function, to capture GNSS metadata and attach it to features will do what the “Trimble position Mobile extension” does.
    Anyone who know? We do often work i places with limited or no online access, so we need to be able to do post processing to get the desired accuracy.

    Sveinung Bertnes Råheim
    County Governor of Nordland
    Bodø, Norway

  3. matthewhmalone says:

    Would it be possible to download the Android APK for the 10.4 beta directly? We have a Leica Zeno 20 and the Google Play store isn’t compatible with our version of Android, so I’m unable to download the beta. I posted a tech support request to ESRI Support and they l recommended I post here.


  4. Geo Hack says:

    It would be extremely helpful if ESRI would publish a list of compatible external GNSS devices. I am interested in using a Leica Viva GS08plus as the external receiver. If ESRI will provide support for this receiver, I might even be tempted to participate in the BETA. Also, if ESRI is serious about this they will eventually need to add native support for NAD 83. It’s the most common mapping datum in North America.

  5. gisechologics says:

    Hello I click on this url here joined the Collector Early Adopter Program and tried to download the version for windows from the windows store and it errors out. Is there another link we can use? Also we are trying to test a Trimble R2 with the Collector Beta program. Has this bug been resolved? We are trying to get a higher level of accuracy.