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Cartography using ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

For the past year or so, I’ve been part of a team at Esri that is developing the ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud application. Our goal is that this extension will provide Adobe Creative Cloud users with web maps so that they can download these maps directly into their Adobe design environment from ArcGIS Online. For example, with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud, a  user  can  sign  into  their ArcGIS  Online  account  directly  from  Illustrator,  find geographic  content  that  fits  their  map  requirements,  and download this content into their Adobe Illustrator file. It is a seamless  workflow  since cartographers  and  designers  can create a map with spatial data without having to leave Adobe Illustrator.  The  result  is  a  vector  map  containing specifications  that  are  set  by  the  user. Designers and cartographers can then leverage Illustrator’s graphic editing power to design their map as they desire.

There  are  a  lot  of  mapping  and  GIS  organizations  and companies who have a GIS analyst or team and a designer or team  of  designers.  These two  groups,  GIS  analysts  and graphic designers, often have different priorities during their map-making  process,  and  this  application  we’ve  been developing  provides  a  collaborative  tool  for  analysts and designers  to  work  together  in  their  organization’s  map-production  workflow.  GIS analysts can add  their  well-prepared  and  precisely  analyzed  map  data  to  their organization’s  ArcGIS  Online  account,  and  designers  can easily  access  this  data  from  Adobe  Creative  Cloud applications. Allowing designers the opportunity to create their maps in a graphic design tool that they are familiar with greatly improves the map editing workflow efficiency and results. Of course there is the third type of user – the person who is skilled at both GIS and graphic design. The ArcGIS for Adobe Creative Cloud application is a great tool for these users as well.

A lot of static mapping is completed in Adobe Illustrator. In fact, as a cartographer myself, this is how I create most of my static maps, and even some design for interactive mapping. The GIS-export-to-Adobe Illustrator workflow for static mapping is  the  one  I  was  trained  to  follow  at  the  University  of Wisconsin-Madison. After I was hired as a cartographer at Kulshan  Cartographic  Services  in  Bellingham  I  discovered that this workflow is also common practice in the professional cartography world. Now that I am at Esri, it is very exciting to be part of a team that is making this process a lot easier and reproducible.

We have been conducting usability testing, and our plan is to have the beta version of ArcGIS for Adobe Creative Cloud released around the same time as our Esri User Conference this June. Visit for more information and to sign up to be notified when the beta version is available.

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Map Your Transit Data Like Never Before

ArcGIS for Public Transit group screenshot

Public transit (like buses and subways) serves the people of a city by providing access to jobs, education, shopping, healthcare, recreation, and more. Traffic congestion, climate change, and the evolving economy and population of cities has created a greater need … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS – A New Experience Is Coming!

Operations Dashboard

A brand new experience is coming to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS and we are looking for you to provide us feedback as we launch beta this fall! Sign up on the Operations Dashboard Product Page so you don’t miss what’s … Continue reading

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Introducing a new experience for working with items in ArcGIS Online


At Esri, we want to ensure that every user has an amazing experience using ArcGIS Online. We aim to deliver not only powerful features, but also continually improve our interfaces for both experienced and new users. We want to pair … Continue reading

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Smart Mapping with dynamic workspaces


Not too long ago I wrote a post about how and why you may want to use Smart Mapping in custom web apps using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The sample featured in that post showed how to dynamically change … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Server Security Patch (2016 Update2)


Esri has released a significant security update for ArcGIS Server and we recommend our customers apply this patch in a timely manner.  Key security patch components are: 1.) Cumulative, containing fixes from the 2016 Update1 Linux security patch (there was … Continue reading

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New Learn ArcGIS Lesson: Fight Child Poverty with Demographic Analysis

Detroit, MI demographic map

More children live in poverty in Detroit, Michigan, than in any other city in the United States. In the new Fight Child Poverty with Demographic Analysis lesson on the Learn ArcGIS website, you’ll take on the role of a charity … Continue reading

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Take a Peek into the Community Maps Program

Data Processing Details map thumbnail

You asked, and we delivered! Many contributors requested that we build more transparency into the Community Maps data processing steps, so that organizations have a better idea of the workflow their data undergoes after they upload it through the Community … Continue reading

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Data Health Checks Are Back!

Esri is, once again, offering the free GIS data health checks at this year’s User Conference.

In 2011, Esri provided water/wastewater customers an opportunity to see just how clean their data really is. Since then, the Data Health Checks, as they are called, have become a staple service at every User Conference and are now offered across four industries.

Data Health Checks Station at the 2015 Esri User Conference

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Updates to Esri Vector Basemaps Released (Beta 2)


Updated December 15, 2016:  The Esri Vector Basemaps are no longer in beta release and are now available to use in production web maps and apps. The best way to access them in ArcGIS Online is through the Esri owned … Continue reading

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