Share Your Custom Business Analyst Reports Through ArcGIS Online

The Esri Business Analyst team is excited to Introduce a Powerful New Collaboration Option for our Users.

Business Analyst for Desktop features a powerful WYSIWYG report-authoring tool that enables you to quickly and easily create professional, custom reports using data and charting relevant to your market analysis goals and audience.

The Report Editor in Business Analyst for Desktop

A Customized Business Analyst Report


Author and Share Your Custom Reports with Other Members of Your Organization Through ArcGIS Online

You now have the ability to interactively author and share these customized reports with other members of your ArcGIS Online Organization using updated tools in Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4.

Once shared, your custom reports can be run by other users with their analysis sites and locations.

Sharing a Report with My ArcGIS Organization

Think about how powerful and efficient it could be to collaborate this way.  But it gets better!


Run Shared Reports Across Multiple Applications

Thanks to Business Analyst’s tight integration with ArcGIS, shared reports can be run (and authored) in multiple applications:


Run Shared Reports

Create/Author Reports

Share Reports

Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4 with the “Online Report Editor” service patch




Business Analyst Web App




Community Analyst




Business Analyst for Mobile for iOS and Android with new online reports support (expected early April 2016)


These reports are a newly recognized ArcGIS Online item type (Report Template).  As with other supported ArcGIS Online items,  you will be able to share them with other members of your Organization.


Getting Started

The report authoring and sharing tools are available now in Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4 with the new Online Report Editor QFE patch and in the current releases of the Business Analyst Web App and Community Analyst.

After downloading and applying the Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4 QFE patch, simply “Sign In” to your ArcGIS Online subscription and click on “Open Fusion Report Designer…” in the Reports Menu of the Business Analyst Toolbar.

So, you want to know if you can create and share reports for analysis sites and locations outside of the United States? YES! You can also create and share reports using data for multiple countries by simply toggling the “Default Country” in the “Online” tab of the Business Analyst Preferences dialog.

Believe it or not, you can actually leverage these reporting tools, valuable global data, and analytic goodness without even having a “local” Business Analyst dataset installed on your system!

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  1. cfa_realestate says:

    Will these features be available for on premise Portal?

    • Tony Howser says:

      Greetings @cfa_realestate,

      We have plans in the works to support these newer ways of authoring, running and sharing your custom reports in an on-premises version of the complete Business Analyst system. To your question, this system will leverage the ArcGIS platform capabilities of Portal for ArcGIS to support all of this in an on-premises capacity.

      We are currently expecting to introduce these exciting new capabilities in the ArcGIS 10.5 timeframe. Having said that, the exact details are subject to change based on operational needs, business requirements or unforeseen issues or dependencies that may arise.

      Thank you very much for your great question and for your support of our products.