An alternative “View Larger Map”

ArcGIS Online web maps are easy to embed in websites and blogs. To embed your map follow these steps.

Step 1. Click Share

Step 2. Share the map publicly

Step 3. Choose Embed In Website
(Note that you can embed any publicly shared map by clicking Share, then choosing Embed In Website.)

Step 3. The HTML needed to embed the map is automatically generated. Enabling a View larger map link is one of the options you can choose.  After you have chosen the desired options, copy and paste the HTML into your web page.

When chosen, the link appears in the bottom left of the embedded map and opens the map in a new full-screen browser or tab.

Using an app

An alternative is to edit the link so that it opens an app template that provides a map-focused experience, which might be a better option. An advantage of using an app is that you can present a legend, description, or other tools immediately when the link is opened. See Six apps to showcase your maps for potential alternatives.

To substitute an app, modify the link found in the automatically generated  HTML to point to the app. For example, shown below is a portion of the default markup that adds a “View larger map” link to the Age and Growth in Phoenix web map.

<a style="color: #0000ff; text-align: left;" 
&zoom=true&scale=true&disable_scroll=true &theme=light" 
target="_blank">View larger map</a>

The modified markup below opens the same web map, but uses the Story Map Basic app instead of the default. All changes are made in the href attribute of the <a> tag—the default URL generated has been replaced by the URL to the app.

<a href=" 
target="_blank">View larger map</a>

Here’s two examples of View Larger Map links for embedded maps. This example uses the default viewing configuration.

View larger map

The second configuration substitutes one of the templates from the template gallery. The template is the Story Map Basic. Which is best for your audience?

View larger map

For more information see Embedding web maps.

This post was originally published on January 26, 2013, and has been updated.

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  1. browbo says:

    It seems that since the December update, that option is missing. “Show basemap selector” is the last choice in my list. We are using ArcGIS for Organizations, does that have any bearing on this?

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      Browbo – thanks for pointing this out. If the organization does not have “allow annonymous access” checked on, then the “view larger map” option is not available. For that option to be enabled the organization must allow annon access. Otherwise “view larger map” will prompt the user to login to the organization, so it makes sense to disable that option in that case.

  2. pmckinneyccpa says:

    Has the dev team considered adding the Full Screen API option to embedded maps? I know it’s still not widely supported, but I think it would be a great enhancement.

    I also know for our website (CivicPlus CMS) we were having very load times with the . Having an option to export the map as a script (JS-API based) would also be a great enhancement.

    We ended up using Leafl.js and the ESRI plugins to improve load time.