Using My Favorites to streamline Story Map authoring

My Favorites is an easy way to organize maps, layers, and more when you want these items to be easy to find and access. Favorites are particularly useful when you are working on a specific project, including authoring a Story Map. My Favorites is a type of gallery, but is unique in that you can choose what you want to add to your favorites, and can quickly add or remove items as needed. See Organize your online life using My Favorites.

Story maps such as the Story Map Journal, Story Map Series, and even Story Map Swipe & Spyglass typically use multiple maps. The Story Map builder is a helper app that enables you to author your story, and provides tools that enable you to search for maps during the authoring process. Each builder is unique, since each Story Map is unique.

Using the builder, maps can be discovered by searching My Content, My Organization, ArcGIS Online, and also My Favorites. Shown below are the options as presented in the Story Map Journal builder:

Favorite your maps for quick access

My Favorites can be used to streamline Story Map authoring by organizing the maps you want to use in a single easy-to-access location. Favorite maps by opening the map item details, then click the star that appears on hover in the upper left of the map thumbnail.

Remove maps from My Favorites by clicking the star again.

My Favorites in the Story Map builder

Once you’ve added the maps you want to use to My Favorites, they’re easy to access in the builder. For Story Map Series or Journal, click Map in the Content section, then choose Select a map from the drop-down list:

For Story Map Swipe & Spyglass, click search:

Then choose My Favorites from the drop-down list for easy access to the maps you’ve selected.


When you’ve pre-authored or pre-selected maps for use in your Story Map, using My Favorites makes them quick and easy to access via the builder.

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