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Choosing the right Story Map


When you set out to create a Story Map a key decision will be – what Story Map app should I use? Most often the choice is obvious, but sometimes not. There are a number of ways to figure out … Continue reading

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6 Glad Tidings for a New Year from ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

As a developer during this joyous and reflective time of the season, you’re probably looking to up your game in the upcoming year. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking to be even more productive for your organization, bringing more innovation and efficiency, while at the same time sharpening and growing your programming skills. Continue reading

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Add a presentation to your Story Map Journal


A presentation allows you to tell a sequential story with information in a map, and is composed by saving interactive map slides. Each slide can use different views of the map, including different basemaps, operational layers, map locations, visible pop-ups, … Continue reading

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Using custom basemaps


A basemap provides the background and context for the content you want to display in a map. When you create a new map, or modify an existing one, you can choose one from the basemap gallery. The Administrator of your … Continue reading

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Crafting custom attribute displays in pop-ups


An important part of authoring good web maps is configuring pop-ups for layers. Pop-ups can be edited by opening up More Options on the layer: Then choosing  Configure Pop-up: There are several options to choose from when configuring the pop-up … Continue reading

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Using effective titles and subtitles in your story maps


As a story map author there’s lots of little things to consider which, when summed, can make a big difference in attracting an audience to your stories. After the initial visual impression, the title and subtitle are usually the first … Continue reading

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Just in Time for the Holidays – Living Atlas Updates to Streets and Topographic Maps!


Updates to the Streets and Topographic Maps Available! This release incorporates new and updated content to the World Street Map and the World Topographic Map for federal lands, cities and counties in the United States, and select locations in Australia, Canada, and South … Continue reading

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Map the world with Esri Maps for Office

Screenshot of Maps for Office showing the countries of the world on a map.

Have you ever wanted an easy-to-use map of countries around the world? You don’t have to be a GIS guru to make maps with Esri Maps for Office – an add-in that provides the mapping power of the ArcGIS platform within … Continue reading

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World Imagery Updated Globally and Locally


ArcGIS Online imagery basemap was updated to include more recent global imagery, initial states of 2015 NAIP imagery, new contributor content, and additional imagery at the newly expanded largest map scales. The Arctic Imagery basemap was also updated. View this … Continue reading

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December 2015 Local Government, State Government & Utilities Solutions Updates


The December 2015 release of ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government, State Government and Utilities includes 7 new solution releases, 3 solution updates, 2 information model updates and 5 solutions that have entered the Mature lifecycle phase. New Solutions Election Results is … Continue reading

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