Quickly share your map using an app

If you want to share your map with others, using configurable apps is easy, and preferable to sharing using the map viewer. But if you need to share a map quickly, you don’t have to take the extra steps to configure, save, and share the application. If the app preview meets your needs, you can “quick share” directly from Preview by following these steps:

1. Save and Share your map. To share with others you must share your map publicly, or within your organization. Limit sharing to within your organization only if you want to quick-share privately with another member.

2. Click Create A Web App to view the available app templates.

3. Find the template you want, and choose Preview.

4. Copy and paste the URL to quickly share the app with others.

For more information see Create apps from maps.

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  1. gisteacher says:

    Nice! url from preview can be viewed / shared? Thanks Bernie!