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Landsat Imagery in ArcGIS Pro

Copy of 7

Here’s how you can access the Landsat archive which is hosted on Amazon through ArcGIS Pro. Open the Projects Pane Click on Portal and then on the cloud icon on the far right to see everything that’s on your portal. … Continue reading

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Explorer for ArcGIS Update – Summer 2015


Explorer for ArcGIS is a beautiful general purpose mapping app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.  Explorer can put your maps literally in the palm of your hand.  With Explorer you can easily search for items in a map, … Continue reading

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Qt and the Esri Human Health and Climate Change App Challenge


The App Challenge Esri recently wrapped up the The Esri Human Health and Climate Change App Challenge. This was an awesome opportunity for geo developers everywhere to come up with solutions that utilize Esri technology to help health and human … Continue reading

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Mapping the Third Dimension: A change in perspective


Learn how to do real analysis with 3D data in Chapter 6 of The ArcGIS Book 3D mapping and cartography are used in many disciplines to solve real-world problems. Emergency managers, urban planners, crime analysts, architects, facility managers, tourism boards, … Continue reading

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Manage Your Region Setting to Access More Useful Local Content


ArcGIS Online provides you access to many useful maps and apps that you can explore and use in your work.  Many of these maps and apps are featured in the Living Atlas of the World, which is accessible to you … Continue reading

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Quartz Beta 1 is Now Available!

Cross Platform Xamarin SDK

We are very pleased to announce that the next generation of ArcGIS Runtime is available to Android, iOS and Java beta testers today from our Developers website. This release, named Quartz, is undoubtedly our biggest release to date. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Creating thematic maps with hexagons in ArcGIS Online


The process of aggregating and summarizing point data into equal sized connected hexagons is called hexagonal binning. This has become increasingly popular because creating thematic maps with hexagons is an effective way to visualize patterns and clusters in your data … Continue reading

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Highlights to Esri UC 2015 Imagery Activities

Becks Hybrids

It doesn’t seem like Esri UC 2015 took place over a month ago already.  Time has gone by so fast.  Looking back at the pictures reminds me of some of the best experiences I had this year.  I hope you … Continue reading

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Our User Community has Provided Updates to the Living Atlas of the World


The World Topographic Map and World Imagery Map have both been updated with new content! As part of ArcGIS Online, Esri’s Basemaps support a vast GIS community.  Thank You to our Contributors and Partners who help support the Living Atlas of the World by providing data and … Continue reading

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Something worth causing a scene about: 8 new scenes for you to explore


We’ve come a long way from Gutenberg’s printing press. Communicating your message is easier and faster today than at any point in history. Within minutes, you can publish a blog or build a website. Also within minutes, you can make … Continue reading

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