Esri Maps for Office 3.0 is now available: Greater productivity with multiple maps, projections, and new tools.

Do you find yourself limited with the monitor real estate when scrolling through your spreadsheet data and interacting with maps? Are you trying to overlay your map in Excel with your organization’s GIS data in different coordinate systems? Do you have a cluttered data visualization when you map datasets from multiple tables?

The 3.0 version answers all these questions and makes it even easier to map your Excel data and work with maps in many new ways. For example, you can add multiple maps to your spreadsheet and compare them side by side, change the coordinate system for your maps to match with your organization’s preferred projection system, float the maps outside the Excel window and to other monitors, and much more. To download Esri Maps for Office and learn more, visit

With Esri Maps for Office 3.0, you can:

  • Visualize your Excel data more clearly by inserting more than one map in your spreadsheet. You can create multiple maps for different tables you have in spreadsheets.
  • Compare maps side by side or drag them out to other monitors without cluttering your Excel window.
  • Work with the mapped data easily by finding the tools in the map window.

  • Leverage the new search tool to find locations quickly.
  • Create beautiful maps without needing to be a GIS expert. See how your map will look before mapping the data. Map styles are recommended according to the data you are mapping so you get the best visual insights.
  • Use the coordinate system of your choice and easily overlay other GIS datasets that are in your local coordinate system.
  • Add custom location types using line features.
  • Get started quickly and easily with the new ‘Getting started’ guide.

In the coming weeks I’ll walk through these features in more detail, so keep an eye on for updates. You can start experiencing an improved way of mapping in Excel with Esri Maps for Office 3.0 right now. Get it here.

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  1. judyckij says:

    This update is causing us issues. We are working with portal 10.3 and are unable to sign in, when we sign in it gives a message of failed to sign in.
    We are using ArcGIS desktop 10.2.2 (32 bit)
    Office 2013 64 bit
    ESRI Maps 64 bit
    The previous version worked great

  2. pyadav1 says:

    Hello Judyckij and jay.gregory,
    This is Pavan Y. from Esri Support Services. Is it possible for you to contact our Tech Support so that we can troubleshoot this issue? You can contact us in several ways, please visit

    Best regards,
    Pavan Yadav
    Esri Support Services

  3. says:

    Arcmap 10.3, Portal and server 10.3.1, no chance to login. Update is crap.

  4. lupinus says:

    I have the same issue as well, no chance to sign in on my account.
    The Versions I am using are
    ArcGIS desktop 10.1
    Office 2010 32 bit
    Esri Maps for Office 3.0

    Any News here?