Emerging Businesses at the Esri Partner Conference (EPC)

The Esri Emerging Business Group (aka ‘startup program’) is back from the annual 2015 Esri Partner Conference (EPC) and Developer Summit (DevSummit) in Palm Springs, California.  These are two events held at the same location that overlap by one day. It’s one of the most important events of the year for Esri community.

For many of you that didn’t get a chance to attend we wanted to provide you with an update on the outcomes of the Startup Zone at EPC. For those of you unfamiliar with the Esri Emerging Business Group, currently the program hosts over 150 startups and is designed to empower startups to solve big problems with the use of geospatial technology. Esri provides eligible up-and-coming businesses with free ArcGIS Platform technology to integrate spatial functionality within their products as well as for their own organizational understanding and optimization. As part of the program offering, members have access to participate at Esri events such as the EPC, Esri User Conference and more.

Within the EPC EXPO floor 14 emerging businesses hosted booths and shared their innovative technology solutions.  Additionally, over 60 Program members were in attendance to celebrate their efforts and develop the strategies and skills to extend the value of their business and further demonstrate the power of geographic information to deliver success. Emerging Business Group members support an array of industries from public safety, commercial, government, transportation and more.  Here’s a candid photo of Esri Founder Jack Dangermond spending time with Esri startups Valarm and Valor Water.

A big thanks goes to the Startup Zone sponsor, TomTom, who made supporting this area possible!

We encourage you to cultivate business through networking and strategizing with these unique up-and-coming businesses, learn more and connect with EBP exhibitors via the list below and meet even more startups at the Esri User Conference Startup Zone.

  • Antris: A collaborative project to improve emergency response training and technology best practices.
  • Dispatchr: Brings the power of flexible fleet management software on inexpensive GPS-enabled touchscreen systems to help you serve your customers better while paying for itself in less than two years.
  • Early Warning Labs: 7 second earthquake early warning mobile app.
  • FireWhat: A collaborative project to improve emergency response training and technology best practices.
  • InspecTools: Offers inspection tools, services, and asset management software to the global renewable energy industry delivered as a SaaS.
  • MapJam: Store locator mapping solution for business locations, events, and gatherings.
  • MetroTech: A software-analytics company that is focused on the integration of new technologies for the Smarter City.
  • Pufferfish: Make spherical applications to manipulate video and static imagery to display appropriately on spherical displays at a high frame-rate. Imagine an iPad interface on a 3 foot wide spherical globe.
  • SnapTrends: Delivers real-time, location-based social listening.
  • Tablet Command: Takes complex, real-time events and transcribes them into an intuitive, easy to use interface. Our goal is to make it more powerful by making it simple. Tablet Command is our first product and was designed in a collaborative, iterative process with emergency professionals.
  • TerrAvion: Provides high revisit rate aerial imagery for agriculture. Our “Overview” service offering focuses on high value crops in California like grapes and almonds.
  • ThinkPower Solutions: Innovative unities construction project management SaaS solution.
  • Valarm: Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to leverage low cost smartphones, attached sensors and readily available commodity hardware including Raspberry Pi. Enables remote data capture, logging, and reporting.
  • Valor Water: Analytics combines world-class analytics and deep experience in the water sector to provide utilities with solutions-oriented analytics to inform financial and water resource decision-making.

DevSummit was a big hit again this year and beyond the strong emphasis on the product islands, there was a strong theme around design (UX/UI). This is Dispatchr CEO and CTO Ralph Garvin highlighting the “Power vs. Ease” matrix and how enterprise apps can borrow from consumer principals of making interfaces intuitive without sacrificing features and utilization (power).

One of the other highlights to come out of DevSummit this year is this fantastic poster that highlights key design principals.

To learn more about the Esri Emerging Business Group visit, https://developers.arcgis.com/en/startups/, and don’t forget to register for the biggest GIS event of the year, the Esri User Conference, July 20-24, 2015, San Diego, California. Stop by the Startup Zone (SUZ) on the EXPO floor. The Esri UC is your event to meet Esri’s software developers, technical and training staff, and customer service support teams. Learn tips and tricks from other Esri users who are located all over the world, in more industries than you can imagine. View maps, play with apps, listen to presentations, visit solution providers, network with your peers and meet new friends. There is something for everyone.

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