Esri Solutions tools are available on GitHub

Esri Solutions tools are available on GitHub in the Solutions Geoprocessing Toolbox repo at  This repo contains a set of toolboxes of Python and model tools that you can use in your military, intelligence, and emergency management workflows.

We’ve made this a public repo, so you can grab it any time and inspect the source code and models for yourself.  You can use these tools as they are, or you can modify them. Since it is a public repo, you can fork it, make changes, and submit a pull request to have your changes incorporated into the repo. You can also view the issues list, and submit issues if you happen to encounter a bug or a tool that doesn’t work the way you think it should.

This is a living project, and these tools are continually being updated. To make it easier for you to track progress on these tools, and to identify the version that is compatible with your version of ArcGIS for Desktop, we have begun creating Tagged Release branches in the repo.

The latest named release is version version 1.0.2. that is, the third release of the repo for ArcGIS Desktop version 10.2.2.

Current ReleaseYou can see all releases on the Releases page:

The latest changes are always found in the Master branch of the repo:

You can learn more about the GitHub Release/Tagging system from this blog post at GitHub.

You can find other defense-related Esri repositories on GitHub at:

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