ArcGIS Open Data: What’s New for December 2014

The highly anticipated new release of ArcGIS Open Data is here and ready to take your Open Data experience to new levels! We have a few exciting new features that will help both data providers and consumers get the most out of an open data site, as well as some under-the-hood updates to smooth out the experience.

To access these features, admins must upgrade their site’s layout CSS.

New CSS Framework: Bootstrap
We’ve shifted the underpinnings of open data sites to Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a free and open-source framework that will make it easier for admins to customize the look and feel of their homepage–the new framework is common and admins will benefit with a host of documentation to help them configure their site with custom CSS.

You can easily upgrade your site to Bootstrap with the “Upgrade Layout CSS” button on the administrator’s Manage Sites page. This will create a private copy of your current site which you can configure and customize before publishing to your community. There is help on the upgrading process in the Open Data help docs.

Upgrade Layout CSS

Custom Basemaps
Now, admins can choose which basemap appears across their upgraded Open Data site. By default, admins can select from any of the standard ArcGIS Online basemaps, including the new dark gray canvas. Any basemaps that have been configured in an organization’s Online map viewer can also be used in an Open Data site—including basemaps in a projection other than Web Mercator. Read more about how to add custom basemaps in our help docs.

Custom Basemap

My Activity
A lot of open data users are downloading multiple datasets at the same time. My Activity allows users to keep track of their dataset’s download progress and keeps the downloads active during browsing. The dataset will automatically download when it’s ready, and the user is free to move around the site and discover their next dataset.

My Activity

Documented CKAN Integration
Data from ArcGIS Open Data has always been able to federate with a CKAN data portal, and we’ve recently added documentation that outlines this process. Admins can easily share their data with organizations that have a CKAN platform with a few simple steps detailed in the Open Data help docs.

CKAN Integration

Improved Speed and Stability
The Open Data software engineers have spent weeks revamping our codebase to make a more swift and more stable Open Data experience for both data providers and consumers. The new release will see many bug fixes related to harvesting datasets, and has created a stronger architecture that will make for more advanced features coming later this winter.

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