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ArcGIS Open Data – 2014 Year in Review

ArcGIS Open Data 2014 Year in Review

Last year we announced ArcGIS Open Data as a free application for organizations using ArcGIS to publish their open data to the web. Our vision is to enable any organization to quickly and easily share data by using their existing … Continue reading

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Point Support in ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3

The ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry 10.3 expands the BIS’s capabilities beyond supporting raster datasets.  Users can now utilize the solution to store and work with bathymetric point feature classes!

All of the existing possibilities for filtering and applying surface modeling rules based on metadata characteristics to develop surface models can be applied to point feature classes.  In addition, the release also includes two new geoprocessing tools to help users maximize the value of using their bathymetric point data within the solution. Continue reading

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Coming Soon … The first Esri Water Conference

After 20 years of Team Water/Wastewater meetings, we’re expanding to the Esri Water Conference with more opportunities than ever. It’s the same great meeting you remember, only better.

In addition to the valuable collaboration and networking you’ve come to expect, you’ll also hear proven best practices for emergency response, sustainable operations, capital-improvement planning, and customer transparency. Your peers will also explain how they’re managing limited resources in the face of growing demands from regulators and stakeholders. And while you’re at it, you’ll also pick up tips about everything from water main breaks to field crew management.

Join us in Portland as we take the next step to make water utilities smarter.

Find out more

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ArcGIS Solutions for Water Conservation

Water is arguably our most precious resource, and one we simply cannot live without.  Utilities today are facing unprecedented water shortages due to multiple factors: drought, increasing population needs, and increasing agricultural demands.  It is especially important for utilities to have the proper tools to collect information, monitor, and report the successes and challenges of water conservation efforts. Continue reading

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Esri Solutions tools are available on GitHub

Current Release

Esri Solutions tools are available on GitHub in the Solutions Geoprocessing Toolbox repo at  This repo contains a set of toolboxes of Python and model tools that you can use in your military, intelligence, and emergency management workflows. We’ve … Continue reading

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Community Analyst Has Added Data for 57 New Countries

That’s right! Community Analyst has added data for 57 new countries bringing the total to 137 countries. Continue reading

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Business Analyst Online Has Added Data for 57 New Countries

That’s right! Business Analyst Online has added 57 new countries which brings the total to 137 countries! Continue reading

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Migrating to Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android and is the default IDE for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.  This post will guide you through migrating your ArcGIS Android projects from Eclipse to Android Studio.

Import Eclipse project to Android Studio

Importing your Eclipse projects directly into Android Studio is the preferred approach as it will detect many source libs and replace them with maven dependencies, e.g. Android Support Library, which means you no longer have to maintain the libraries manually.  Additionally, it will rewrite the project using the new canonical Android Gradle project structure. Continue reading

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