Explorer on Android is coming!

Android users, the wait is almost over. Explorer for ArcGIS on the Android platform (tablets and smart phones) is coming soon. Explorer for ArcGIS on Android is a native app and has a look and feel that will be familiar to Android users. Like our other Explorer for ArcGIS apps on iOS and Mac OS X this app was created for everyone, it is intuitive and easy to use…no special training is required to us the app.

Explorer for ArcGIS lets you open and interact maps that are published to your organization or shared publicly on ArcGIS Online.  With Explorer you have easy access to your favorite maps, you can find new maps, search for places and features in a map, sketch on a map and more…

Here is a quick sneak peek of Explorer for ArcGIS running on Android.


Want to try the app now? We are currently running a private beta program of Explorer for ArcGIS on Android. We are opening the beta up to a limited number of new participants. If you would like to be part of the beta be one of the first to send an email to esriexplorerandroid@gmail.com and you will receive an invite to join the beta testing. (Note: You must send the email from a Gmail address that is registered with Google+ to be part of the Beta program)

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  1. robertglaubitz4 says:

    esriexplorerandroid@gmail.com; I would like to participate in your android beta.My e-mail is robertglaubitz4@gmail.com which is g+ ready.And how are you team?I am doing a personal history mapping project for entertainment industries.The focus is where were these inspired?On a map,of course.Thank You.