Predictive Analysis and Suitability Tools

The Esri Oceans/Maritime community may be interested in two sets of tools originally developed for other sectors, but could be very useful for ocean and coastal science and resource management applications. The first set of tools is the ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools Add-In for building models to predict the location of moving or stationary targets or events, based in part on a set of prior observations. Included also is a speed-model builder that lets you develop sophisticated travel-speed models to account for multiple environmental variables. The ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools Add-In is available via free download from ArcGIS Online. See also this video which explains the application of the tools to a drug smuggling via panga boat scenario.

The second resource is a set of Suitability Tools originally developed to allow analysts to understand threats against military operations in the ocean. This includes where submarines might physically operate or hold an advantage (such as in submarine canyons), where a vessel can travel in a certain amount of time, where specific slope changes occur along linear features (paths). These tools are also available via free download from Github.

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