Esri’s Living Atlas of the World and Community Maps Year-End Review

From Shane Matthews, Esri Cartographic Specialist

The ArcGIS Platform brings together maps, apps, data, and people to make smarter decisions and enable innovation in your organization and community. ArcGIS includes a Living Atlas of the World with beautiful and authoritative maps on hundreds of topics. The Living Atlas combines reference and thematic maps with many topics relating to people, Earth, and life. This content is available from any device, anywhere, at any time.

2014 was a busy year for the ArcGIS Content Team. The “landscape” of Esri’s content has increased tremendously. This increase is due largely to content being created and curated into the diverse collections of the Living Atlas of the World and includes datasets that have been contributed to Esri’s Online Basemaps through Community Maps participation.

Content that supports the Living Atlas of the World is organized by themes, including oceans. Click on both images below to learn more.

Read much more in Shane’s blog post.

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