The GeoForm Graduates

Need to gather some simple information and put it on a map?

The GeoForm is a configurable web mapping application template for form-based data editing of a Feature Service through the web browser. This application allows users to enter data through a form instead of a map’s pop-up, while leveraging the power of the Web Map and editable Feature Services. It can be deployed right from ArcGIS Online using the “Create Map App” workflow or by developers by downloading the code from GitHub.

Since the release as an Early Adopter template in July, we’ve improved the GeoForm by listening to your feedback, user testing the app, and adding some nifty features. We’ve fixed nearly 100 GitHub issues, consisting of feature requests, user experience enhancements, and pesky bugs.

Some of the added features and highlights include:

  • Date-time picker
  • Field format type support
  • Ability to change how fields are displayed
  • Additional BootSwatch styles to choose from (Bootstrap themes)
  • Basic offline editing support
  • Additional coordinate entry types
  • Localized template to different languages
  • Subtype and range domain fields support
  • Full screen button to the map
  • UI/UX improvements (based on usability and user feedback)
  • Lots of bug fixes

The Future

We still have a lot to do. Here’s our planned roadmap of enhancements:

  • A view to browse entries via a map or listing
  • More attachment options
  • Improved mobile pop-up
  • Various bug fixes and user interface enhancements

Other features we are considering:

  • Author-viewer mode to edit existing submissions
  • Multiple layer support
  • Line and polygon features
  • A group of sample feature services for data collection

Try It Out

It’s now a part of the standard Esri Templates group, so you can start building your very own GeoForm right away.

1. Create an an editable feature service, add features only is recommended. Add this layer to your web map.

2. Share your web map as a web mapping application

3. Use the GeoForm Builder to configure and share your new application

We have heard organizations talk about using this app for a variety of scenarios:

Here’s a sample we put together letting you rate the GeoForm.

We will be monitoring your feedback using the Operations Dashboard.

Also, do you need to create a quick feature service to test this out? Try Option 2 in this blog: How to create a hosted feature service.

Help Us Help You

Please send us your feedback via the GeoFormGitHub, or on the ArcGIS item to help make this template even better. If you’re a developer, we’d like to see your customizations, as well.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your feedback.

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  1. wrightbryane says:

    I have some security/privacy issues about the GeoForm. It appears that everything entered into a publicly shared form is publicly available for download through ArcGIS Online. For example, I took a look at all 160+ names, ratings, comments, emails, etc. that were entered into your rating form at . I’ve looked at the data from a lot of other forms too that I found by searching ArcGIS Online and saw hundreds of emails, phone numbers, names, addresses, etc that I’m sure the owners of which did not know they were making publicly available. Our agency was going to use GeoForm for a citizen science application but I have advised against it until this issue is resolved.

    • Paul Doherty says:

      Wrightbryane –

      Your concerns are valid and we understand that the example we present is limited in the sense that it does not specify your email will be publicly available. This, however, can be dealt with in a variety of ways:

      1) Do not include emails or phone numbers in your data model
      2) Use the Jumbotron and Help Text (in Builder step 4) to indicate that this information is option and public

      For example – see how we have configured this same web using the GeoForm builder

      3) Use filters and restrict access to downloading the data if you do not want your crowdsourced information to be “Open”

      We are looking for more feedback about crowdsourcing and citizen science applications. For example – what type of dashboard would you like to see in order to filter, edit, process and take action on information coming in from the GeoForm?

      Also – as a reminder the GeoForm can be used with sharing settings set to “Organization” or “Group” only.

      Thank you for your feedback, you raise a good point!

    • tgigoag says:

      Below is a solution/workaround to the security issue of collecting public information with sensitive contact info via the GeoForm. This will work for people that host their own feature services through their own ArcGIS Server…it won’t work for Wrightbryane or anyone else using AGOL to host their feature services:
      -Add a new field to your Feature Class (FC)something like, “CollectedNow”. Set default to “No”. (we’re using a Yes/No domain but you just need to have a boolean condition)
      -Open the map that you previously used to publish your FC and set the Definition Query to something like, “CollectedNow”= Yes (so the opposite of what it defaults to in the FC)
      -Recreate the FC template and set the “CollectedNow” default to “No” (I’m not sure if this step is necessary, since GeoForms don’t recognize FC templates, but I did it anyway)
      -Republish your FC
      -If republished as a different Feature Service name then you will also have to adjust your webmap and geoform.
      -That’s it! Try it out, you can submit a record but it won’t show in the webmap, in a download of the FS to ArcMap or in a query of the REST endpoint but it will show up in the feature class in your ArcSDE db. Then if you want the public to see the data that has been collected (but without sensitive fields), just turn off specific fields in ArcMap and republish a new, “public-view” feature service and put it in a new “public-view”/read-only webmap.

      • ryno says:

        Makes total sense, thanks for posting your solution. This is a great form for public opinion polls/surveys, etc

      • aurelijusd says:

        Why to do so difficult ? :) . Add to layers to your wepmap that is used for geoform, one as Map service another as feature service. For Feature service turn off visibility and configure map service’s the popup window what to show in it. Thats it ! No information in popup which you dont need to be seen by others. But all geoform feeld that should be filled is visible.

  2. vtanrgis says:

    Does this require that the feature service be sync enabled like collector?
    I have a simple Feature Service with many layers in it, but do not meet requirements for enabling sync, as they are feature services not intended for offline use.

    I have tried a few web maps that contain feature layers from this feature service and GeoForms is not finding the editable layer. If this is the case, I personally think that we should be able to create geoforms for feature services that do not have these added capabilities, especially if creating forms designed for the connected environment.

  3. jnrgeo says:

    How do i access my geoform app with my android? I dont see it when i log into my Arcgis app. i just see the map i made, not the web application. even collector shows the map, not the app….What am i doing wrong?? Thanks, Clint

    • Paul Doherty says:

      jnrgeo –

      The GeoForm is a web mapping application, which means it works directly through the browser web address and does not require a native app to be used. You should just be able to share the URL when you are done publishing and open on any device through the browser. For example, copy and paste this URL into the browser on your Android:

  4. lee.butler says:

    Are there any plans to add a basemap toggle onto the map? Our users would find it useful to switch between the topo and satellite views. Thanks

  5. leolegendatl says:

    I wish to edit existing points with the geoform, however this seems to not be possible. Any updates to this? What if information is entered incorrectly and needs to be changed?

    • Paul Doherty says:

      leolegendatl – At this time, edits to submissions would need to be done through a web map or some other editable interface. Also depending on your permissions, you may need to be an administrator to do this.

      Is your use-case a Public or Organization workflow?

      If Public, we would need a way to prevent people from editing / deleting other’s work – which is why we suggest the “add only” editing workflow in the meantime. This might not be possible until we have a way of authenticating non-organization users. Stay tuned…

  6. feragis says:

    I am using the GeoForm with a field that is linked to a domain containing a long list of coded values. Is it possible to begin typing in the field box on the GeoForm and for the drop down list to automatically go to the coded value(s) that contain the typed characters? At the moment having to scroll through a long list of coded values in the drop down box isn’t a quick process.

  7. rcnorton says:

    Any progress on getting a legend option? I would love the basemap selector since we are working with layer of property ownership, project treatments, fire history, etc.

  8. nqdtgavin.rossetti says:

    I’m trying to work out how to take/attach a photo in a geoform, it will be a public geoform used for crowdsourcing data, so it needs to work on desktop as well mobile devices.. any answeres much appreciated

  9. rcharlot says:

    Hello there! I am a GIS System Administrator at the City of Ocala, Florida. Is there a way that I can have the interactive map on top of the GeoForm instead of on the bottom? And how can I filter the submission on the map by departments. I already downloaded the LGIM and it is used, but I need some help on setting up the Citizen Service Request correctly.

    Best regard,
    Rudy Charlot

  10. alon.abramson says:

    I’m having loading issues with the geoform on my android device. Have you run into this problem before? I’m unsure why this may happen, as the form is simply loading through an iframe. Would love some advice here.

    • Matt Driscoll says:

      I haven’t run into that. Does it just happen through an iframe or just on an android device? I’ll look into it but any additional details you can provide will help. Thanks

  11. conner_justin says:

    I really hope you add polygon support soon! We have a farm program that farmers will need to apply to via a form. The boundary of the farm isn’t the same as the parcel (could be multiple parcels or just a part of one) and I want the applicants to sketch the farm boundary while completing the form.

  12. abbycurtis says:

    I have a question about the workflow of setting up the map and GeoForm while ensuring privacy. I am considering a project where hotline calltakers (volunteers from Red Cross/United way, etc.) can use GeoForm to submit call requests. These are requests that will likely include deliveries (such as bottled water) and because of this calltakers may enter names, addresses, phone numbers. Ultimately, the request is to collect these points via the form, rather than geocode from an Excel doc. The overall objective is to create routes for deliveries to each point. Is it possible to enable GeoForm for this use in AGOL, while maintaining private records?

    A few things I was considering…. making a “public” map an an “internal” map that shared the same feature service for delivery points. Where the points on the public map are filtered and not visible. Meanwhile, on the internal map, I could see the delivery points and use the Plan Routes analysis. If the public map is filtered, could others simply find the map and undo filters, thus illustrating all points? In order for GeoForm to function, both this public map and the feature service would have to be shared publically AND editable, correct? ]

    Just looking for some suggestions about the workflow of this and/or the sharing and edit settings you guys would recommend. Thanks!

  13. vojtablazek says:

    I would like to configure this app, that will be possible send photo from smartphone via this Geoform app(broken bench, lamp, trash, etc…)?
    Is this even possibile?
    Thanks for advice

  14. rosscomccabe says:

    I have created the same Geoform in 3 different ways and every time it loads it only displays one feature out of many. It also randomly selects which feature to show. I wish to see all features in the Service on the form for many reasons. Is there a setting or switch I am missing? I am sure the previous version showed all the features on the map in the form.

  15. dunkl1lm says:

    I am trying to figure out how to use drop downs on fields that have domains assigned to them and can’t seem to. Comments below lead me to believe that this is possible though. Thanks!

  16. jbeeler says:

    I just stumbled across a blog about the GeoForm map template and created my first sample map with it. What an excellent configurable map? I hope we find some creative ways to use this configurable template for our client surveys, etc. Keep up the good work!

  17. Rami Ghali says:

    Hi, simple and nice application. I have a question regarding application localization.
    If I download the application from GitHub, I will be able to localize it. I’m wondering if it’s possible to this using the application builder directly without downloading it.


  18. r.ghali says:

    Hi, I’d like to have a confirmation or correction for the following statement about the GeoForm:
    In all cases, the GeoForm doesn’t allow neither update nor delete for the features that have been added earlier.
    Also I’m wondering if there is ability to make the user search in the editable layers used in the GeoForm.


    • Matt Driscoll says:

      Correct, it doesn’t allow for update or delete at this time. There isn’t a way to make a user to search editable layers at this time either. Is there a reason for making them search? Like avoiding duplicate entries?

  19. craygo says:

    Is there a place to post a bug I have come across. I didn’t want to upload screenshots here if there was someplace else to post.



  20. Anjolette says:

    I’ve configured a date field to use the date picker and set today’s date but it always defaults to 1899. Is this a known issue?

  21. ernestocd says:

    I have a GeoForm within my organization. Can I embed this form app into a website?

  22. tim.newtonnz says:

    My name is Tim and I would like to create an app for surveying dedicated Park type assets. In order to accommodate those requirements I need a proper GeoForm template or a non customised one that I can use. I need to accommodate all 3 types of geometries types.
    Can you help me please?
    Is below shown geoform able to hold mu requirements?

    I want to do “Collect and Share Data with Your Geo Apps” exercise.
    Thanks for support.

  23. Daragh says:

    Can the Geoform capture multiple select answers to a question (tick one or more) or is it confined to select one answer to a particular question? I’m creating a XLS form using Survey123 to form the feature layer for a Geoform and was wondering if the functionality can follow through.

  24. fnprice says:

    I just added subtypes to the feature layer that my geoform uses and now any fields I have with default values get promoted to the top of the form as soon as the subtype is picked…Any chance anyone else has run into this screwy problem?

  25. androema says:

    Can I share my GeoForm with a Basic license?

  26. says:

    I’m work for the City of Oakland and we are interested in using GeoForm to crowdsource potential locations for car share spaces. It looks really intuitive and the builder is well put together! Here is what we have so far: Couple questions:

    1) Is there a way to reorder the steps so that the map is at the top and the form is down below? We want the map to be the first thing the user sees.
    2) We would like to collect email addresses but we can’t have them be publicly available after they view submissions. Is there a way to simply disable the feature that pops up with attribute information when you click on a point? It’s cool that they can see other location suggestions, but the text needs to be private.


  27. northernstar says:

    Do you guys have any plans to implement an email notification system?
    I suppose a dashboard would be one of the options to get around the notification process, but it would be nice to have email alert.
    Thank you and please correct me if there’s already an email notification system.

  28. evan_sepa says:

    I would love to see lines and polygons available, this would allow for projects like crowdsourcing building footprints, map error reporting, contractor plan area submissions, etc, etc… very very useful and far more applicable if we can have more than just points… cheers

  29. tommage says:

    Hi – is there the ability now (or planned into the future) for the Geoform to accept input parameters?

    The example we have is a user using the Information Lookup app – and if they intersect a suitable polygon we want to provide a URL to a Geoform that populates the location. i.e. in the same way that you can pass parameters to a webmap (as outlined here:

    i.e. could we append something such as the following to a Geoform URL? ?location=-79.234826;38.147884

    Thanks Tom

  30. mike.robb says:

    Please advise how to modify the Dialog after pressing submit.

  31. mike.robb says:

    Id like to also comment that it would be nice to allow checkbox to create a YES or NO in the database, rather than 0-1.
    Also, having an error message simply stating ‘feature layer required’ when in fact, its POINTS only feature service layer is a bit misleading.
    And the ability to customize the submit dialog or at least document on where those files are in Portal.

  32. gman_67 says:


    Just created up a GeoForm App. Works pretty good, BUT, the Default basemap is set to Topographic when you open the App, regardless of which basemap you specify as Default. Please fix!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Gunnar Olson