Ready-to-Use Content Included with Your Online Subscription

One of the many useful features of your ArcGIS Online subscription is that it includes a rich and valuable set of ready-to-use content. This content includes maps, layers, and other geoservices, such as geocoding and routing, that are built into the ArcGIS platform. As an ArcGIS Online subscriber with a named user account, you are entitled to access all of this content for your personal use, as well as to create your own maps and apps to share with your organization or publicly.

Over the past several months, Esri has been continuously expanding and updating the set of content that is available to you. As part of the July release of ArcGIS Online, we added a few new services to this growing collection (such as NAIP imagery and USGS historical maps for the United States). To help you better understand and leverage this growing collection, below is a summary of the content that is now available as part of your ArcGIS Online subscription.

  • Basemaps: ArcGIS includes a suite of basemaps (such as World Imagery, World Street Map, and World Topographic Map) that are designed to provide background maps or reference maps for a wide variety of your maps and apps. These maps are built with best available data from a variety of sources, including local authoritative data provided by many users through our Community Maps Program, and are freely available to all users.
  • Geosearch: our World Geocoding Service enables users and developers to provide a text string for a place (e.g. Eiffel Tower) or address (e.g. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC) and have it return a set of candidate matches including latitude, longitude coordinates to be used for display on a map (but not storage for future use).  This capability is freely available to all users.
  • Geocoding: in addition to Geosearch, our World Geocoding Service enables users and developers to submit one or more places and addresses and have them geocoded as a batch, with the ability to store the latitude, longitude and other match info for future use (e.g. map display, analysis, enrichment).  This capability is available to subscribers with a credit fee per geocode.
  • Routing: ArcGIS includes a set of network analysis services, from simple point-to-point routing to more advanced optimized routes (e.g. traveling salesman problem) and multi-vehicle routes (e.g. logistics problems), as well as drive time (service areas) and closest facilities.  These services leverage both live and historical traffic.  Available to subscribers with a variable credit fee per route/request.
  • Live Traffic Map: in addition to supporting the routing capabilities described above, ArcGIS includes live traffic maps that can be used for visualization and query.  The live traffic maps cover large parts of the world and are updated every 5 minutes with latest available data.  Available to users with a subscription, with no credit fee.
  • Data Enrichment, Infographics, Reports: ArcGIS includes several applications (such as map viewer, Esri Maps for Office, and Esri Insights), as well as a Developer API, that enable users to perform data enrichment (i.e. add data variables to selected features) and generate useful infographics and reports for a variety of data types (such as demographic and lifestyle and landscape data).  Available to subscribers with a variable credit fee per request.
  • Demographic and Lifestyle Maps: ArcGIS also includes a set of demographic and lifestyle maps published by Esri, including maps for the U.S. and many other countries around the world that use the latest demographic data from Esri and other sources.  Available to subscribers with a credit fee per map request.
  • Landsat GLS Imagery: maps and layers featuring Global Land Survey (GLS) datasets created by the USGS and NASA using Landsat images over multiple epochs (1975, 1990, 2000, 2005, 2010).  These maps and layers are freely available to all users.
  • Landsat 8 Imagery: maps and layers featuring recent Landsat 8 scenes covering the landmass of the world for visual interpretation.  Landsat 8 collects new scenes for each location on Earth every 16 days and the Esri-hosted maps and layers are updated on a daily basis with the latest ‘best’ scenes (e.g. limited cloud cover) from the USGS. Available to users with a subscription with no credit fee.
  • MODIS Imagery: maps and layers featuring 250m resolution imagery for the world that is updated on a daily basis.  They provide access to a subset of the NASA Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS), which are a set of standard services to deliver global, full-resolution satellite imagery.  These maps and layers are freely available to all users.
  • Landscape Analysis Layers: these layers can be used to support land use planning, including how we manage natural resources and our relationship with the environment.  The collection includes dozens of configurable layers with hundreds of measures about the people, natural systems, and plants/animals that define the landscape of the United States and other parts of the world.  Available to users with a subscription with no credit fee.
  • Elevation Layers: ArcGIS includes a comprehensive elevation map of the world. Elevation information can be accessed as ready-to-use map layers and tools.  The elevation map incorporates multiple resolutions representing the best available elevation data. It includes a collection of map layers derived from elevation, such as slope in degrees, slope in percent, aspect, and hillshade. Elevation data can also be used to create profiles, perform viewshed analysis, and define watersheds by using an available collection of analysis tools.  Available to users with a subscription with no credit fee for maps and a variable credit fee for analysis tools.
  • U.S. NAIP Imagery (New!): maps and layers built using NAIP high-resolution (1m) imagery for the United States provided by the USDA Farm Services Agency.  The image layer provides access to the most recent NAIP imagery for each state (currently 2010-2013) and will be updated annually as new imagery is made available. This imagery is published in 4-bands (RGB and Near Infrared), where available, with the option to display the imagery as false color to show the IR band or to display the NDVI showing relative biomass of an area.  Available to users with a subscription with no credit fee.
  • U.S. Boundary Layers: detailed boundary map layers for the United States, including telephone area codes, Census block groups, and Census tracts. ArcGIS Online includes dozens of downloadable layer packages that you may use with your ArcGIS software.  Esri has published several of these as ready-to-use map layers, which are available to users with an ArcGIS Online subscription.  This set of detailed boundary layers for the United States can be provisioned and shared to your organization through the ArcGIS Marketplace.
  • USGS Historical Topo Maps (New!): maps and layers featuring more than 175,000 historical topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). For over 130 years, the USGS has prepared these detailed maps to accurately show the complex geography of the nation. These maps cover the extent of the United States at multiple scale levels.  Historical maps are an important resource as they provide the long-term record and documentation of the natural, physical, and cultural landscape, which is useful for education, science and other disciplines.  Available to users with a subscription with no credit fee.
  • Live Feeds (New!): includes a set of live feeds which are published by Esri as ready-to-use maps and layers. This include dynamic data such as current wind and weather conditions, active hurricanes, active wildfires, and more. These layers are updated frequently with data from several leading sources (such as NOAA, NASA, and USGS) and can be used to provide situational awareness and context for how current conditions may affect your jurisdiction or operation.  Available to users with a subscription with no credit fee.

We encourage you to get familiar with all of these content offerings and leverage them in your maps and applications!

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  1. edward.chick says:


    A user at customer of my company is using the free online trial of Public Maps and the associated out-of-the-box maps. She was wondering how she could activate the use of maps for provinces, municipalities and communities in Spain.

    I told her her organization already has a paid licence for ESRI and she would like to know if she should be able to access those maps with that. Does a paid subscription include more features or is the free public map trial simply the same but it’s just time-limited?

    Could you help me send her in the right direction to download and implement these features?

    Thank you!