Esri’s OSCON 2014 Wrap-Up

In July several Esri employees and developers were at OSCON – short for Open Source Conference – in Portland, Oregon. It’s a great conference for anyone interested in open source technology, and we’ve been going since at least 2011.

So, what did Esri do at OSCON this year?

We presented.
Andrew Turner and Chris Helm presented Making maps with OpenStreetMap and Koop. Here are Chris’s slides on GitHub.

Andy Gup presented HTML5 JavaScript Storage for Structured Data. Here are his slides on GitHub. Andy’s presentation was an in-depth dive into the HTML5 IndexedDB API. In-browser storage is becoming increasingly important, and mapping use cases offer some great examples. Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Andy showed how Esri is using IndexedDB to store lightweight geometries, attributes and data edits as well as mapping tiles in the browser. The presentation also showcased the offline-editor-js repository.

We boothed.New York City Story Map

For the fourth year in a row, Esri had an exhibit booth at OSCON.

Manny Lopez drew people in by showing off some beautiful web maps made with Esri technology. There was a story map showing a map of 1836 New York City overlaid on modern satellite imagery, an interactive map of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan for Portland and the proposed changes, and a mesmerizing map of active forest fires and wind movement.

From there, conversation often led to one of Esri’s 200+ open source repos on GitHub like Esri Leaflet, Terraformer, Koop, or Bootstrap-map-js.

We attended some great sessions.
There were a lot of great sessions and tutorials that would be of interest to geospatial developers. Some of our favorites were the Git and GitHub Essentials, NASA Open Source Projects, Getting Started with Go, Angular.js Tutorial, and Get Started With the Arduino.

What’s next?
The next OSCON will be July 20-24, 2015 in Portland and we’ll be at FOSS4G next week. We hope to see you!

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