Important Access Changes to Business Analyst Online

As of July 7, 2014, Business Analyst Online will be accessible in the same manner as other Esri premium apps.  To access Business Analyst Online, the application must be provisioned to users’ ArcGIS Online organization (this is done by Esri Customer Service at the time of purchase) and shared with a group within that organization.  Users who need access to Business Analyst Online must be a member of the group within the ArcGIS Online organization.  The administrator for the ArcGIS Online organization can control who is invited to the group.  Users who need access to Business Analyst Online should contact the administrator for their ArcGIS Online Organization.  

Why the Change
Customers have requested easier management of who can access Business Analyst Online in their ArcGIS Online organizations. These changes enable easier control over the sharing and use of Business Analyst Online within an organization.

If you are unable to log in, please see the unable to log in blog.

For questions about establishing your account, call Esri Customer Service at 1-888-377-4575, option 5. If you are outside the United States, please contact your local Esri office.

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  1. adamjones266 says:

    I can no longer sign in through school.

  2. toriung says:

    These changes came with little instruction, and now with a deadline we are crunching for time and need to sort all of this out.

  3. jsistoza says:

    same thing with our organization. we cannot login to BAO anymore and left a message with our sales executive.

  4. janecon says:

    This is very frustrating with no information on how to actually sign on and use the resource we paid for

  5. janecon says:

    This would be better improved with screenshots, links, and step-by-step instructions

  6. jolocicero says:

    This is quite inconvenient. A little advance notice would have been nice!

  7. edgarcard says:

    I would agree with the comments below – I went to log in to my BAO account, couldn’t, and there are no instructions provided.. Result: I have already wasted over a half hour of my time and now I am on hold waiting for ESRI analyst. All I am trying to do is access software that I already paid for. There must be a more customer-friendly way to do this.