So What’s GeoNet?

In all the excitement of the 2014 Esri UC, you may not have heard about GeoNet. Maybe you heard the name from Jack’s announcement during the plenary, maybe you got an email or saw it from your social media connections, maybe you’ve logged in but were not sure where to go. In any case, I wanted to help you understand more about GeoNet, how it applies to you and how you can get started.

Purpose of GeoNet
GeoNet is here to extend the user conference experience to 365 days a year. Take all of the networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and product support from the conference and combine them into a single community that spans the globe. From that, you have GeoNet.

Launching GeoNet
GeoNet started with a soft launch of a Resilience Community to support the climate challenge presented by President Barack Obama and the White House. A core group of resilience-focused users were invited to the community to try it out and provide feedback. Their participation allowed us to develop the community further as we pushed towards the UC launch of a community that revolves around all things geo.

What is GeoNet
GeoNet is more than just a new forums location. Forums now are only a part of the larger community. This community is there as a tool to help you, the GIS user, get your job done better and more efficiently. You can create discussions, upload files, collaborate on documents, share videos, write blog posts, and much more. This content items can be created within a space focused on a particular topic or industry. Those who follow that place will receive notification of new activity and can get engaged in the conversations.

Esri has provided a general platform for the community with a several spaces focused around industries and products. But in some cases your content may fall outside of these built-out areas. This need provides an opportunity to show the strength of GeoNet. You can create your own groups to meet this need. There is no need to put in a formal request. In 30 seconds you can create a group, give it a description, add tags, and define the membership level. And you’re ready to work! The group is yours to manage and customize to make it work best for you. The community has already taken off though the addition of new groups, such as GIS and E911, Facilities GIS User Group, ArcGIS Marketplace AppsDeutsch, and more. The availability to create these collaboration groups is now at your fingertips.

What would a Geo community be without a spatial component? GeoNet allows its members to put themselves on a Map‌. Easily see the distribution of community members across the globe. ArcGIS Online is also integrated within the community through the bang app (! app) . You can embed publicly shared maps within content as a thumbnail with a direct link to the live map. This opens up a new channel to share and create conversations around your maps. The bang app also gives you the ability to geotag your content. This will provide a way to visualize and query content based upon location as part of a future release of the community. Find out how to add geotags and maps into your GeoNet content‌.

Getting Started
You can get started in the community by logging in with your Esri ccount. If you do not have an account, you can easily create an account. Once in the community, begin by  Updating Your ProfileA, Creating Custom Streams‌, and Begin Searching ‌. There is so much to explore in GeoNet, so if you have any questions or would like to learn more, check out GeoNet Help.

I look forward to seeing you in the GeoNet community.

Timothy Hales
Enterprise Community Manager

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  1. admahrou says:

    Are there plans to extend this with a Mobile Application? That would make the community so much more fun (and addictive).

  2. lmuhammad says:

    Great Job, I’m really enjoying the new design.

  3. kreuzrsk says:

    First heard about GeoNet when the old forums disappeared before the conference. I find the replacement to the forums to be a step backwards for keeping up to date on topics. Lots of wasted space on wide screen monitors. Layouts are busy, etc.

    • Timothy says:

      We are looking into optimizing the layout based upon feedback we have received. Some changes have already been made such as switching from a 3 column to 2 column layout style. Feel free to provide additional feedback in our GeoNet Help. Thanks!

  4. wlynch says:

    Are there plans to extend the industries places in GeoNet? I have an interest in “natural resources” > “mining industry”.

    I found the landing place for Natural Resources:

    I see the items with a tag “mining”

    But there is (or should be) much more content.

    Just wondering.

    • Timothy says:

      Currently we are trying to create a flat structure and rely more on tags to allow the user to better consume content. The ArcGIS Forums did not have a mining forum, so we did not assign any tags to potential mining content. There are a few mining related items in Geonet though:

      If you would like a dedicated location for discussing mining related topics, I would suggest creating a group. A group would not reside under the Natural Resources space, but would be independent but could be found based upon the description and tags of the group. Related to mining is the Geomorphology GIS group.

  5. sunshineshq says:

    cannot login to GeoNet using Esri Account… Could anyone suggest why ??

  6. ahmedzeidaan says:

    i am able to login using Okta account not using my Esri Account so my inquiry about our clients & how they can use their Esri Account to login ?

    • Timothy says:

      The login detects if you are Esri staff and redirects you appropriately. Customers can still use their Esri Account to log into GeoNet by clicking the log in link in the page header.

  7. mariaboats says:

    Cannot login geonet. Gives me the following error message:
    You are logging in with an email address that already exists in Please login with the account already being used in the Esri community, or update your email address –

  8. awoods says:

    This seems like a great place to share information, I’ve given up on Facebook and other social sites due to potential Bias. Hopefully this will allow me to better leverage the web to share UAV and GIS data. Mahalo for the platform.

  9. nbegg says:

    The most annoying thing about GeoNet …

    Is the duplicated logins required.
    Most of the time I access Geonet through a google search. At the top right I can see that I am logged in. 5 seconds later the screen flashes white as it decides it needs to log in again. The login page appears then flashes white again as it realises that I am already logged in and finally takes me back to the page I’m after.

  10. rustysoil says:

    Several raster images were delivered with incorrect extents, How do I change the extents?