Tech Preview of ArcGIS for Azure now available

The ArcGIS Team is excited to announce that the Tech Preview ArcGIS for Azure Starter Package is now available for download. This package includes step-by-step documentation and scripts to help you quickly deploy ArcGIS 10.2.2 for Server on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Read more about our product roadmap and Azure support on the User Conference Q & A.

The package consists of a set of workflow driven scripts (using Windows PowerShell) that you can use to create VM Images, deploy working sites, and optionally register an enterprise geodatabase in Microsoft Azure SQL Database as ArcGIS Server’s managed database. Future updates will be provided that add functionality to automate user workflows in the area of security, multi-node deployment, and auto-scalable configurations, among others.

We look forward to your feedback and learning about your experiences with the software. You can provide feedback in the blog comments section or the “ArcGIS for Azure” workspace on

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  1. nikhilzkingdom says:

    For folks at UC 2014 who wish to learn more, please attend the “Using ArcGIS for Server in the Microsoft Azure Cloud” technical session on Thursday, 17 Jul 2014, 11:00am – 11:30am
    Location: General Theater 2 Exhibit Hall A

  2. says:

    Excellent stuff – will check this out.

  3. hds6825 says:

    That’s a great development for Microsoft Online Services enthusiasts.

  4. diegoescudero says:

    An excellent combination of solutions, the power of the Geo-references with the huge Azure capacity