Introducing Esri’s World Elevation Services, Including TopoBathy

From Rajinder Nagi, Esri Product Engineer

Elevation data supports numerous GIS applications ranging from deriving slope and aspect, stream delineation, cut and fill analysis, viewshed analysis, orthorectification of aerial photography or satellite imagery, rendering 3D visualizations, creating relief maps, and for various types of analysis and visualizations.

Esri makes it easy to work with elevation data by offering two dynamic world elevation image services (Terrain and TopoBathy). These services provide online access to a global collection of multi-resolution and multisource elevation data. This collection includes best publicly available data and community data with resolutions ranging from 230 meters to 3 meters. The services provide a single endpoint for desktop and web applications to access elevation values and derived products. The great thing about these services is that you no longer have to store, compile, and process terabytes of elevation data on your local machine. All of the pre and post processing that goes along with these types of datasets has been taken care of for you.

The elevation services are available for use within the ArcGIS Online platform, and are part of the Living Atlas. You can access the entire collection of layers along with geoprocessing tools from within the Elevation Layers Group on ArcGIS Online. Access to these global layers is free and does not consume any credits; all you need is an ArcGIS Organizational account. It’s that easy!

Read much more in Rajinder’s blog post.

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