New Forums are on the Way!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will soon be rolling out a new, evolved discussion forum over the next few weeks as part of the new Esri community platform called GeoNet.

For more information and to discuss further, feel free to jump into the conversation here.

For the past few years, the ArcGIS Discussion Forums have continued to prove their worth as one of the most popular and useful online community tools hosted by Esri. That said, as times change, more and more limitations are found in the tool that restrict our growth. We’re always listening to your feedback and always watching how you use the forums to learn and become more successful with your use of ArcGIS.

This new platform will add some powerful tools that you’ve asked for and we haven’t, until now, been able to deliver. With it, you will find some capabilities similar to those found in popular and useful social media tools like Facebook and StackExchange. You will be able to follow topics, tags, people you trust, join groups, as well as customizing your interface and creating filters to always see information that interests you the most.

Some of the new features include:

1. Discussions are organized by how you use ArcGIS rather than by software product name.
2. You can create “custom streams”, to filter by topics, tags, and users you’re interested in.
3. The Forum no longer stands alone. It is a part of the larger GeoNet community.
4. You can even create your own community groups and discussion forums based on topics you care about.
5. A better gamification engine for recognizing key users and finding the best information across GeoNet.

As for the current Discussion Forum and its over 100,000 threads, nothing will be lost. It is all being imported into GeoNet, tagged, browsable, indexed, and searchable.

As GeoNet gets closer to roll-out, we’ll be back with more details.

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