The “Elevation Analysis with ArcGIS Online” live training seminar recording is now online!

A recording of the June 5th Live Training Seminar, Elevation Analysis with ArcGIS Online, is now live on the Esri Training Web site as a free Training Seminar. So, if you were unable to attend on June 5th, please view the recording here.

Elevation analysis services, hosted by ArcGIS Online, are a new option for performing analyses that require elevation and hydrologic data. For example, you can find the slope of a road, calculate a viewshed, or discover where water flows to or from using these services in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Desktop, or other web clients.

This seminar will be of interest to GIS analysts who need to visualize terrain and perform raster-based analysis. ArcGIS Online users who want to work with elevation and hydrologic data, and developers who want to build web applications that consume elevation analysis services will also want to view this seminar.

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  1. james.fleming says:

    In the seminar, it was mentioned (about 14:05 – 15:10) that we can host this service on our own ArcGIS Server, using our own elevation models. Can you give me some more information about how I would go about doing that?

    • Caitlin Scopel says:

      Thanks for your inquiry! We (Esri) built tools and scripts that produce all the necessary layers required to perform on the fly watershed delineation and downstream trace, as well as for profile, summarize elevation and the other geoprocessing services mentioned in the seminar. With this information, you could then build your own geoprocessing services with ArcGIS Server. We are still working out a few bugs before we release these tools and workflows, however, if you would like to beta test the tools on your own data before they are released (probably Fall 2014), then please email us at for more information.

      Caitlin Scopel

  2. bgis_fall2016_garcia_haro says:


    I would like to take this seminar but it seems that it is not longer in the training Catalog. Is it any other similar course that I might take?

    Thank you in advance.